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HERE’s an update of that other massive grow, the Hydesville/Bridgeville bust:

IF APPROVED, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office will dismiss felony charges of possessing marijuana for sale and cultivation, and child endangerment. Kopiej’s bail, originally set at $400,000, was reduced by Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson last Monday. After posting bail in the lowered amount of $250,000, Kopiej remains free. He’s scheduled to be sentenced November 28.

HOWEVER, prosecutors filed Kopiej’s and Morgan’s cases separately– and curiously enough didn’t file conspiracy charges linking the two. Apparently, prosecutors either can’t prove a connection or they simply weren’t connected. As of last week the Sheriff’s Office said “it’s still investigating whether the two growing operations were connected to international drug trafficking organizations,” said Sheriff’s Office Lt. Dave Morey.

AS THE DINSMORE case of 39 arrests unfold and the Feds grind down the legal and California-compliant 99-plant Northstone Organics Cooperative, Humboldt officials, meanwhile, are looking at a surprisingly quick and amenable resolve for another bust– only 10 days after the initial arrests.

HIS WIFE, a pair of Thai refugees, a 50-year-old Thai woman in the country on a tourist visa, and four others have yet to be arraigned in the case. They are scheduled to make their first court appearance in November.

If you’re in a hurry to get medicated and don’t have a lot of time to prepare a genuine meal, then these little sandwich crackers are what you’re looking for. With less than 45 minutes in the kitchen and only three ingredients, anyone can make these and enjoy the awesome effects afterwards! As always, remember that cooking with bud effects everyone differently and you can absolutely change the amount of cannabis used in this recipe.

What You’ll Need;
1 gram of cannabis
Saltine crackers (Or Ritz)
Peanut butter (non-hydrogenated)

Start off by taking the peanut butter and spreading it over half of the crackers. You can make as little or as many as you want. These crackers make great party snacks because they’re so easy to make. The best kind to use is the crunchy kind. You want to get peanut butter that has a lot of peanut oil, as that’s what the THC absorbs in to while in the oven. The higher peanut oil content, the better feeling you’ll get from the crackers! It’s not recommended that you use Skippy or Jif. These two brands don’t contain nearly enough peanut oil and the crackers WILL NOT WORK.

Take your bud and use the scissors to cut it up in to almost a powder. If you happen to have a coffee grinder, that will work perfectly. It’s best to make sure that your weed is super dry too. That will make it easier to turn in to a powder, which is the consistency you want. Once the weed is a fine powder, sprinkle it over the peanut butter covered crackers. Be sure that the powder is spread evenly and only on the peanut butter. This will help prevent smell when cooking in the oven. Once you’ve coated the peanut butter with the canna-powder, place a non-buttered cracker on top, making a sandwich. Take a cookie sheet and place the cracker sandwiches on it, throwing it in the oven for about 20 minutes on 320 degree heat. Once you pull them out of the oven, they’re ready to be enjoyed!