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yumbolt auto marijuana seeds

With parents like Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk, Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast fem is here to play hard. This pint-sized 60/40 sativa-dominant is perfect for smaller indoor grows or as an addition to your garden or greenhouse. But don’t be fooled by her size! Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast Fem will have you drowning in big, sticky spicy buds in just a few short weeks. Her trademark bouquet and fast, fuzzy high evokes creativity and imagination and will leave you in a relaxed and elevated mood for hours.

With Auto Yumbolt Fem weed seeds, indoors or outdoors, you will see those gorgeous colas in 8-10 weeks; however, buds and colas tend to be a bit smaller on outdoor grows. If you are attempting a second outdoor harvest, it may take a bit longer; however, because of the Himalayan ruderalis bloodline, Auto Yumbolt Fem is slightly cold-resistant, so, though she won’t produce the mounds of buds your indoor grow will give up, she should still feel at home in lesser temperatures and provide you with fantastic weed and a pleasurable horticultural experience.

Despite its war-machine name, Auto AK 47 is a relaxing and uplifting autoflower with its lineage in Afghani, Mexican, Columbian and Thai strains. This little beauty will leave you feeling fulfilled, alert, creative and buzzy, great for getting out and about, enjoying the sights and it is also reportedly a cinch to cultivate, no matter what type of operation you’ve got growing.

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We all love the old, familiar smell of our favorite sticky icky, but this one is special. Auto Yumbolt will shock the nose with a bouquet of cold, crisp earth, peat and mature moss, with a little hint of pine and a spicy backbone, reminiscent of an ancient rainforest. Aroma profiles like this do not come around very often, so Auto Yumbolt Fem is a nice breath of fresh air.

Being that Auto Yumbolt Fem hovers at around 24% THC, she is no joke. Immediately, a warm, tingling body-stone starts to creep in and a heady euphoria replaces the absurdity of the mundane. As the stone intensifies, the body relaxes further. Cares drift away as the euphoria strengthens and one is left completely relaxed, lightened and complete. It may surprise you that such a high THC ndica with such an intense and enduring stone generally will not give you couch-lock; however, we recommend you do not operate heavy machinery while using this strain.

Ever shove a handful of fresh-picked wild berries into your mouth, complete with some bits of dirt and leaves? Auto Yumbolt Fem surprises the tongue, for sure, setting the taste buds ablaze with the essence of mountain berries and fresh earth, a relaxing compliment to its spicy bouquet.

As with 99.99% of all marijuana, Auto Yumbolt Fem may ring-in the old cottonmouth and sticky eyes. However, these side-effects are not life-threatening and can be cured with some eye drops and a few sips of your favorite thirst-quenching beverage.

Auto Yumbolt began its journey in the mountains of Afghanistan as a landrace before being acclimatized in the hills of Humbolt County. It has remained unchanged for 30 years and is an fine example of indica genetics. Breeders then crossed it with a select Lowryder 2, chosen for its heavy resin production and rapid flowering time, to produce this autoflowering version. The result is a little auto able to pump known for its resin — ideal for those looking to make concentrates. Auto Yumbolt has a rich, sweet berry flavor and a heavy psychoactive effect.

Resin development is intensive compared to most normal autos. She grows equally well indoors and out and is ready in 68 days from germination. Each plant averages a yield of 25-45g/plant of bud.

Auto Yumbolt: Huge Resin Production For Concentrate Lovers