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Most fungus, and of course Gray Mold, grow better with high humidity levels, so keeping the humidity below 50% during the whole flowering period highly reduces the chances for our plants of being attacked by Botrytis.

The ideal temperature for botrytis growth is between 17ºC and 25ºC, though it can grow with higher temperatures. A great difference between day and night temperatures can also stimulate the appearance of Gray Mold, for humidity levels raise when temperatures drastically drop at the end of the day.

Infected parts should never be consumed since they can easily cause a lung infection.

How to reduce fungal attacks?

We should also leave enough space between plants to promote better air circulation, so that humidity doesn’t remain inside our growing space.

Any part of the plant can be attacked by Botrytis: roots, stems, leaves, etc. The first visible symptom is a change in the colour and texture of the plant. Leaves develop necrosis and dry out very fast. Stems become fragile, brown and ulcerated.

To do so, we can either improve our ventilation system (air extractor, interior fans, etc.) and/or use a dehumidifier.

Botrytis Cinerea life cycle

I (Susan) am currently writing several books and a review article with a friend about metabolic disorders. I helped a New York Company, Choopoons, develop a healthy, no added sugar, no major food allergen, vegan salad dressing that everyone at the table can use.

We use sustainable growing practices. We believe that the best tasting food comes from thoughtful and respectful production.

Follow our garlic on a photo shoot, learn about the art of Grey Duck Garlic , see if you have what it takes to be a garlic dog or read our tales of Women vs. Weeds. Check out the page listing depression symptoms (did you know losing your sense of smell could signal that you are depressed?) I also review a great book on overcoming and living with depression,500 Tidbits of Insight by D. Delaughter.

We encourage you to grow your own garlic.

This website is created and designed by Susan Fluegel. My current goal with this website is to develop a useful resource for garlic growers and cooks that is also entertaining. It is a work in progress and I am continually trying to improve it. Any mistakes made on this website are all mine (remember: without mistakes one cannot learn)!

Farmer’s Market and CSA Garlic Growers: We have information on selecting garlic varieties and how to determine how much seed clove you need. Growing garlic can be very profitable if you go about it the right way and we want to encourage new garlic farmers. We quit growing garlic because we wanted to pursue farm research not because selling garlic wasn’t profitable.

Discover the range of flavors garlic can offer! Our cooking pages offer flavor sketches and gourmet recipes to suit each garlic variety. See our tips for what garlic varieties compliment different ethnic dishes. Check out our garlic cooking tips.

Grey Duck Garlic is a family farm that lovingly grows certified organic crops (WSDA Organic Certification #1883). Growing organically is better for us, the land, and the flavor of our produce. Whether you have a city lot or a 2,000 acre farm you can start making the steps to grow in a way that is healthier.

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