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will ups and usps destroy marijuana seeds

Say Joe is looking to move to a new city for a new job. In order to do this, he has no choice but to ship everything via a common courier such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. Joe doesn’t have much but he has a decent glass collection, a few wooden pieces, a modest collection of seeds and some other pricier gear he doesn’t want to have to replace. Reason Joe has to ship everything is Joe has to fly to his destination and obviously cannot carry any of this on the plane. Joe also doesn’t have much to bury his collection in as he’s leaving most of his other, conventional stuff behind (new city, new stuff!).

The first concern: how clean is "clean enough" for shipping? Obviously glass is easiest to clean. The metal can be tossed, but the wood would be kept preferably. How should the wooden pieces be addressed? And should the pieces be interspersed among everything else Joe owns or would it be more logical to restrict to one box for everything pot-related and hope the smaller footprint doesn’t set off any flags?

Second is courier choice. Obviously the majors all possess that rights to open any package they are carrying for inspection and some of them even use x-rays to peak inside. So how do you pick a courier for this situation? Imagine a post master opening a box full of recently cleaned, but obviously loved/used pieces that are mid transit to a the assumable owner’s new location. Another option would be Greyhound, but that’s a lot of faith in the bus system to get your precious gear to you in the pieces you packed it as.

So, I’m evaluating a hypothetical situation and looking for input.

What are you guys thoughts on this? What other concerns would you arise?

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For more information, this Health Canada bulletin is useful, in addition to this official website on cannabis in Canada provided by the government.

USPS Shipping Restrictions to Canada

If your business is selling a restricted item on Canada’s import list, it’s still possible to import as long as you’re willing to get the right licenses and permits, and submit the required paperwork for each shipment.

Visit FedEx’s Canada Prohibited and Restricted Items for the full list of items.

Here are some UPS shipping restrictions to be aware of if you plan on using their services to ship to Canada.