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will marijuana grow from.a.seed outside if temperstures are 94 degrees

-Heater and thermostat: This option is only viable in greenhouses. For this reason, and in order to maintain all the time the temperature according to the development period in which our marijuana plant is located, it is best to place a thermostat on the substrate (substrate temperature) and greenhouse (temperature of the growing environment), to know what temperature we have at all times, and based on this, start a heater. If the substrate is very cold, do not forget to prepare the irrigation solutions by heating the water with a resistance, to leave it between 18 and 22ºC.

-Be careful with the humidity! Although the truth is that during the winter, plagues are less common, humidity can always cause pest problems. We must bear that in mind. We must always use preventive fungicides, especially during the rainy season.

Greenhouse crops, better if glazed

The best varieties for cold climates

It’s true that the ideal season to crop the vast majority of cannabis seeds is when it is not particularly cold and the hours of sunshine are abundant (long photoperiod), helping its growth and proper development. However, cold temperatures should not prevent you from growing cannabis all year round. In this post we’ll give you some techniques to achieve it.

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-Use pots: Especially if we grow outdoor and even though we are in a greenhouse in this case.

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When the seeds sprout, and the white shoot emerges about a quarter inch, transplant (root down) into your hydroponic garden or soil. Treat very gently, don’t touch or break the root tip.

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The strains that wouldn’t sprout in an area where the temp was about 70 degrees (average temp) were moved to an area where the temp was about 75 degrees (average temp) and still didn’t sprout. So another seed was started in an area where an average temp of 80 degrees was maintained.


If you are going to be growing marijuana in soil, you can germinate the seed directly on the spot where it will grow. Simply place the seed where you want the plant to grow and cover it with about a half inch of loose soil.

Check daily and add small quantities of water when needed to keep the paper towel moist. Tap water probably contains chlorine and other elements that are not seed friendly. If you only have access to tap water, allow it to age uncovered for at least three days. Better still, use distilled or reverse osmosis water. This is also true if you germinate seeds on oasis cubes, rockwool, soil, or media other than paper towels.

Soil growers who plan on growing marijuana either indoors or outdoors can use a mini-greenhouse with a heating element. These are used to germinate the seed and let it start to grow and establish a root system in soil, without being transplanted.

When the paper towels reach room temperature, remove the bowl and place the seeds on top of the damp paper towel then cover them with the bowl again (some people also like to put another damp layer of paper towel over the top of the seeds). The plate and bowl should be dark enough to block sunlight or kept in a dark area or covered to block sunlight and stored in an area that is clean and warm.