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why isn’t sannies seeds breeding marijuana strains

mosca has a nice C99 cross they’ve at least added a BX too just as sannies calls his jack f7. if you have the chops and put the work into your gear to get top quality, you shouldn’t have anything to hide.

I’ll just call my cross, assuming it’ll be good enough to remain as a keeper, Blue Nightmare, then if I were a commercial breeder at least it wouldn’t cause any confusion.

MyCo JoRdAn

as to white widow, at least SOME of that comes from a cutting another breeder stole off a widow plant at a cannabis cup. THAT is pretty schwaggy to do when you can’t even buy seeds from your competitors honestly.

OK, you were talking more about naming than breeding. yeah, i totally agree with on that count. people steal names for the brand name recognition which DOES impact sales. i was always reluctant to try TGA precisely because he names his own crosses and his strains aren’t exactly household names like white widow.

I just got my order from Sannie’s and it was well-packed and stealthy; freebies. I like the method he used of packing with craft supplies. Fit my MO perfectly

Even the ones that didn’t herm or get seeded produced absolute garbage bud. Their knock-offs are far cry from the original strains they pathetically try to represent.

Every time, with every strain (over 6 so far and counting), over 50% hermed out in early flower and had to be yanked. The ones that didn’t herm got dusted with pollen and ended up seeded. This was with different people in different gardens who were experienced gardeners.

I’ve had several friends grow Cali Conenct genetics. The result was the same every time – they caused tens of thousands of dollars of losses to their crops if not an outright crop failure.

Every strain. Every garden with every grower. Every time. So like I said – Cali Connect has BY FAR the worst genetics I have ever seen.