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white widow x crystal meth auto marijuana seeds

White Widow and Crystal Meth’s combination is a deadly one. Not only are these two very potent strains with high levels of THC, but it is also able to blow your mind off the roof with its unforgivable head rush. Partygoers are definitely the target audience for this strain as it allows the body to feel the rush of energy and enjoy the relaxed vibes. The skunky earthy aroma bodes well with the mix of herbal essence flavor that will surely make your senses tingle. Speaking of tingling sensation, one would truly expect great things from this weed. A happy mental vibe is bound to happen, and the tension from the muscles is slowly released. Growing this strain is not a problem as well due to its auto-flowering genetics. Bred to be consumed early in the evening for its long-lasting effects, one can fully enjoy smoking this weed when taken into moderation.

Once that initial rush is over, you will start to feel the indica buzz. It will gradually move away from the back of your head and fracture out to every part of your body. As you notice any feelings of tension dissipating you are going to feel completely relaxed. When you consume in moderation and pay attention to your tolerance levels, you are not going to feel physically locked down and movement and motivation will still be possible.

While it can handle the cooler temperatures thanks to its sturdiness, you are best to choose an area with plenty of sunshine. This will allow it to fulfill its potential and increase the chances of a more substantial yield.

These Auto White Widow x Crystal Meth Fem strain seeds are a joy to grow. They thrive in many settings and provide a generous yield without anything more than tender loving care, better known as TLC! While many strains are finicky, this powerhouse does not bat an eye when it has to deal with pests, mold, or cooler temperatures. These weed seeds are fabulous for neophytes who are just getting their feet wet. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t become a staple in every grow room out there.


It has become popular among recreational and medicinal users alike. It has THC levels that range from 16 to 22% and is known to be as potent as many all-time favourites. It is not a one trick pony either, as it can bring a one-two punch to the body and mind. It is often thought of as a great way to end your day.

Thanks to this strain’s robust THC levels and other properties, it has become a potentially effective medical strain. Whether you are dealing with physical or mental ailments, you can turn to this strain for support. One of the best aspects as a medical strain is that it comes on fast and strong and has minimal side effects.

There are no known nicknames for this strain. Perhaps after smoking and feeling the creativity somebody will think of one!

While this sturdy and resilient strain can survive in colder temperatures, giving it the optimal circumstances is going to ensure a hefty yield so be sure to treat this plant accordingly.