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white widow x california snow auto marijuana seeds

With two names of such character, one would be reasonable in imagining the coloration of the buds in Auto White Widow x California Snow. They certainly live up to their namesake, coated from tip to branch in glass-like crystals that seemingly leave no room for green. Contrasted by thick deep green fan leaves that bend gently under the weight of trichomes like cedar branches bow under the weight of fresh snow. The indica genetics keep the plant’s height to an average of three feet or slightly higher in some cases. Lateral branching can spread as much as two feet and can be quite dense. Cultivators would be well advised to trim this strain regularly to maintain airflow throughout the plant. This helps prevent mold and mildew while allowing you to get an upper hand on any potential pests. Start with good quality soil and if possible, PH balanced water is a good idea. Tap water will suffice in most areas, however, allowing it to off gas for twenty four hours is recommended. Feed with an organic fertilizer to keep your plants healthy and happy and they will reward you for it come harvest time.

White Widow x AK47 fast fem is not as ominous as its name suggests. It boosts moods, delivers a happy euphoric sense of well being and relaxes the body. Both parents are internationally recognized strains with loyal followings and their love child is sure to do the same. It is indica dominant in nature and produces big yields, upwards of a pound at harvest. Not only that but it has a solid twenty percent THC content and tastes of earthy, woodiness when smoked.


Auto White Widow fem is the autoflower variety of the above mentioned original. These plants grow slightly smaller but do not require the traditional shift in lighting conditions. This strain has all the same great flavors, aromas and effects but offers a faster flowering time. It has slightly lower THC levels than the original but nonetheless is great for treating chronic pain, inflammation, stress and depression while still maintaining your sociability.

Want a great night’s sleep or a restorative chill session binge watching your favorite shows? Auto White Widow x Crystal Meth is the perfect accompaniment to that endeavour. This indica dominant hybrid is well known for its strong mix of relaxing effects and mood boosting positivity and is great for treating pain, stress and anxiety. Bright green nugs hide a purple-ish inner bud making it one of the more uniquely colored varieties of cannabis.

Autoflower strain marijuana seeds tend to have shorter flowering times than regular cannabis strains. No exception to the rule here with this strain’s short flowering time of eight to ten weeks. That is hardly any time to wait for such a thing of beauty boasting snowy white crystals covering long cylindrical buds with strikingly deep green leaves. As the plant matures it proves why exactly the word snow is in the title as it literally takes on the look of fresh fallen snow over a canopy of green.

High as a mountain. A very heady euphoric high. Uplifting and vitalizing, this strain is ideal for anyone looking to have great conversations at a social event or for some creative writing or drawing.

Staying true to her Sativa heritage, this plant will grow tall with a large internodal spacing. Growers could be looking at plants attaining 1.3m in height. She’ll develop a large main cola with some side branches, all densely frosty crystals, from the sugar leaves to the buds themselves.

Plant Appearance

A manageable Sativa, but indoor growers will want to have around 2m in vertical space to accommodate this strain. Outdoors is where she’ll really shine, although you may want to invest in a few stakes to help support a bud encumbered plant. Other than her basic needs this plant is easy going and will be ready for harvest by week 9-10.

Frostbitten buds. These nugs will boast a rich green color that’ll be glazed in a thick layer of white crystals, showing its potency even before being smoked.

A smooth smoking Sativa that won’t scratch the throat and that’ll leave a mellow, yet present, sweet and sour taste on your palate reminding you of Sour Apples and candy. Like taking a bite out of a ripe green apple.

A very productive Vending Machine with incredibly pretty looking bobs! The inflorescences look as if they were covered with snow, which is why the forest gnomes named this variety just like that! From a square meter of the Czech cottage Indoor, we get 450-500 grams of snow-white dried. The buds are dense as much as possible, with the scent of lime and fresh lemon. Marijuana is characterized by a very high level of sticky resin in which valuable cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are dormant. THC is 18% here, so Cannabis is a potent variety. Hemp Seeds 55% Sativa / 45% Indica induce a state of joy, contentment and relaxation for the whole body in chewing parrot seeds. The automatic strain accurately hits the painful pain in muscles and joints. CBD comes to 1% here. Autoflower fast seeds only need 65-70 days of care, from the moment the seed germinates into the soil. WW x Californian Snow AF is ideal for outdoor use as it is low and very resistant to outdoor weather conditions. You can find out everything about this Merry Jane by clicking on the graphic above.

Sex Feminized Flowering time 65-70 days Height 80-110 cm Genotype 55% Sativa / 45% Indica Yield 450-500 g/m2 Grows Autoflowering THC Content 18% Taste lime / sweet lemon Content of CBD

Hemp, with white inflorescences and an amazing layer of syrupy resin! Autoflowering quick seeds for lovers of strains with a slight advantage of the Sativa gene! Powerful and fast Harvesting machine ready in less than 10 weeks! 18% THC tops, with a delicious scent of lime and exotic citrus!

Hemp, with white inflorescences and an amazing layer of syrupy resin! Autoflowering quick seeds for lovers of strains with a slight advantage of the Sativa gene! Powerful and fast Harvesting machine ready in less than 10 weeks! 18% THC tops, with a delicious scent of lime and exotic citrus!