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white marijuana seeds

Many growers have heard the myth that white weed seeds are not as viable as black or brown seeds and are less likely to germinate. This is entirely untrue. At Weedseedsexpress, we have undertaken numerous germination tests and are completely confident in their quality. In fact, our test revealed that white seeds are more likely to germinate sooner than black seeds which has been confirmed by numerous of other seed banks

White Widow is widely regarded as the queen of the ‘White’ family. She has often been used to form other ‘white strains’ or share genetic material with other ‘white’ varieties. Other denominators are that white strains are covered in trichomes, have a high THC level resulting in a powerful high. Popular white strains include Snow White, White Widow and Amnesia Haze x White Widow.

White Widow flowers in 9-10 weeks when grown inside, and is ready for harvest in early October when cultivated outside. Try and leave harvest for as long as possible for better quality weed, with increased strength and a more complex flavor.

Do white cannabis seeds grow?

All types of cannabis, including white strains, are dioecious or unisexual plants, which means that they are capable of producing male and female flowers in various individuals. However, both types of flowers can be found in hermaphrodite plants. You can reduce the risk of males by choosing feminized seeds, and most white strains sold at are feminized seeds.

There is a lot of uncertainty about white cannabis seeds. We have therefore answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Apart from the white weed seeds we want to go a little deeper into white weed species.

A double recessive gene causes absolutely white plants, although this is extremely rare; and in the second case, the bud or a part of the plant is affected by the mutation. Another possible explanation is the non-conformity between nuclear and chloroplast genomes.

We have a huge cache of well sorted cannabis seeds for sale at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds . Our unique strains of the White Cannabis Seeds are high yielding, highly potent and are every growers delight. We have in stock, both Indica and Sativa variants rich in THC and a diverse array of terpene profiles.

Every other day, we get to see and indulge in some new strain, variant or type and this is courtesy of the efforts of seed banks and researchers like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

What are White Cannabis Seeds?

Our white seeds strains meet even the most stringent of requirements. Unlike what you would find with common seeds, ours are rich in THC, produce very dense, resin-rich buds and are true to their genes.

Potency: White seeds are breed for their potency. The average white seed is very rich in THC and they are considered amongst the high THC group of seed strains. You can find the white seeds in autoflowering and feminized variants but of more benefits are the feminized white seed variants. They produce THC rich resins, and high potency buds that meet the delight of all cannabis lovers.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds leads the way in innovation amongst Cannabis seed breeders and seed banks. Our supreme seed genetics and approach to seed development is made evident in our White widow’s variants that have been curated to mark our 25 th year anniversary.