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where to legally buy marijuana seeds in pa

While the state has undoubtedly written a significant chunk of American history, it has been a little slower in writing cannabis laws that accurately reflect the sea-change currently being witnessed in American attitudes towards marijuana cultivation and usage.

With the introduction of the new Pennsylvania marijuana laws, access to medical cannabis is available with a physicians approval, should the patient require treatment for one of seventeen qualifying conditions laid out in the framework of the bill. Qualifying conditions include chronic pain, cancer and Glaucoma.

Is Cannabis Legal in Pennsylvania?

With that being said, let’s take a look at Pennsylvania marijuana laws and whether they could become the next state to fully legalise adult cannabis usage in the U.S.

At present, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use in the state of Pennsylvania, however, the possession of small amounts has been decriminalised by several of the states largest cities including Philadelphia in 2014, Pittsburgh in 2015, and Lancaster in 2018.

The State of Pennsylvania is famed for its role in the early development of the United States with the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Gettysburg Address all being written in the Keystone State.

Just because medical marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania, doesn’t mean you can smoke it wherever you please. In fact, there are many rules and laws regarding the location of marijuana: where you can grow it, where you can sell it, etc. It’s common law throughout the United States that you cannot smoke marijuana anywhere public, like a school, park, or parking lot. If you’re caught doing so, it could lead to an arrest or fine. When you buy marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania, act responsibly.

States are changing or examining their cannabis laws in rapid succession these days, with many either expanding the offerings in their medical marijuana program or considering and arranging for recreational legalization. Unfortunately, this forward momentum doesn’t mean problems are a thing of the past. Recently, a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania was jailed for being too slow in producing the papers that prove he has a right to use marijuana. The man had to stay in jail until his doctor could get together the paperwork needed to show he was indeed a registered patient, and after being released, remained on probation, which could interfere with his ability to use (even medicinally) what is federally considered an illegal substance.

Medical Marijuana Difficulties in Pennsylvania

Sweet, sour, and pungent all at the same time, Lemon OG Kush autoflowering marijuana seeds are easy to grow and deliciously fragrant – the perfect combination for beginner gardeners looking to cultivate potent medicinal and recreational strains.

Regardless of the harsh laws surrounding marijuana use and cultivation, seeds are 100% legal across the country. Considered a souvenir or novelty item, like so many sports cards, they are legal for purchase, sale, distribution, trade, and collection. Growing them is a bit of a grey area right now because, though there is enforceable legislation against 10 or more plants, there is no stipulation about less than that. This little loophole must be getting abused somewhere along the line, but with Wolf hot on their tracks, we are not so convinced that the authorities will be there blowing your house down and time soon.

Pennsylvania has history and culture, amazing academia, numerous places to visit, and is free to explore. We should also mention that weed is almost legal there! Through the great efforts of Governor Tom Wolf and his team over the last few years, medical patients can enjoy natural medicines and recreational users do not have to worry about going to jail over a bag of weed. Pretty soon, people all over, especially medicinal marijuana consumers, are going to be allowed to grow their own, free of harassment and fear of prosecution. This is great news and puts the state of Pennsylvania and its pot loving residents in a wonderful position.

At Weed Seeds USA, we have all the top-quality cannabis seeds you could possibly need. Indica, sativa, hybrid, auto, fast and feminized strains are all in our vault, waiting for the next happy American citizen to wake them up in a gorgeous garden of green. Until then, farewell, state of brotherly love!

Can you legally use Pot in Pennsylvania?

Recreational use within the state of Pennsylvania has seen some changes since the nationwide cannabis prohibition of the ’30s. Though recreational use is yet to be legalized, there are a number of states which have decriminalized up to 30 grams (just over an ounce). You will face only a small fine if caught carrying. These fines range from $25 to $250 depending on the county, and the charge does not go on one’s permanent record, nor is there an increase in penalties for second or third-time offenses. This doesn’t mean that you can light up a joint just anywhere, though! It does mean that, since Wolf is hunting for legalization, nobody is going to get in trouble smoking a joint on their property or for having a plant in their windowsill. We have found that, in some municipalities, the authorities are not interested in a couple of plants, as long as you are respectful and quiet about it.

Fans of Pennsylvania will probably know that Philadelphia has been voted the most liveable city, twice! Also worth mentioning is that every state park within Pennsylvania’s borders asks for no admission fee to explore, so anyone so inclined to check out the Oil State’s pristine wilderness may do so free of charge. Bring along a joint with your favorite sativa while you are checking out the state parks to keep you going. If you are more into watching sports, you might like to take that doobie to see the Phillies or the Pirates take on their baseball rivals or watch the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles take to the gridiron. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Warhol Museum or why not visit the oldest hospital and hospital library in the country.

Where the law gets a bit fuzzy is around non-cardholders. The Governor himself, Tom Wolf, has been pushing for legalization since he first signed Senate Bill 3 in 2016, allowing for the use of medical marijuana. In 2018, the Governor signed House Bill 163, effectively tossing the smoke a joint, lose your license law. 2019 brought Governor Wolf’s statewide listening tour, polling residents of all 67 counties within Pennsylvania on whether they were for legalization or not. The majority of citizens were for full legalization while many others considered decriminalization enough.

There is another form of industry which this wonder-mix of a climate lends to perfectly and that is agriculture. Greenhouse and nursery products are the main economic contributor to the state, with the mushrooms of Kennett Square being a very close second. With all this aptitude for cultivation and with unparalleled expertise in greenhouse growing and plant protection, when weed is finally made legal for the masses, the Steel State will be light years ahead of the game.