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where to get old school marijuana seeds

Reproduction occurs when a female cannabis plant is pollinated by a male plant, which leads to the creation of seeds. Under certain circumstances, however, a single plant can produce male and female flowers. Hermaphroditism occurs when cannabis plants are excessively stressed or allowed to remain in the flowering stage for too long. A hermaphrodite cannabis plant’s male reproductive organs will pollinate its female organs, producing seeds. Once the seeds reach maturity, the plants will gradually wither away. The seeds then drop, where they can be collected or allowed to germinate.

Blueberry is an iconic strain that hits hard, both in flavor and effects.

The only poison you’ll willingly and enthusiastically put in your body.

Orange Skunk Fem

While some cannabis cultivators grow plants from cuttings or clones, this method is time-consuming and costly. It’s cheaper and easier to grow pot from seeds, especially when you buy them from us. We will send your order straight to your home, and we will do it safely, quickly, and discreetly.

With these tips and our high-quality classic indica strains, even a novice gardener can grow a bumper crop of sweet-smelling cannabis.

For all the stressed-out individuals out there, this is truly a gift from the cannabis gods.

Whether you’re growing weed indoors or outdoors, careful planning is essential. Though it may seem simple to grab a few seeds out of a random bag of marijuana, that’s not the best approach. Knowing how to buy seeds will increase your chances of a successful crop.

The main man at OSG is Oldman Green; a legendary grower perhaps most famous for his famous Peach Slush strain from the mid 1990s. Peach Slush won a few ICMAG titles and remains a part of Oldman’s cannabis genetics catalogue to this very day.

Old School Genetics are a European cannabis seed company formed from a collective of leading breeders.
Based out of the beautiful, Spanish city of Barcelona, Old School Genetics hold a huge library of rare and exclusive cannabis cuts from iconic seedbanks and growing collectives which they cross and select with contemporary strains from modern European seedbanks to create unique hybrid cannabis.

This launch drop of new strains from Old School Genetics features collaborations with Karma Genetics on the majority of these varieties and an exclusive collab with GG Strains for the beautifully-bred OS Glue.

OSG cannabis seeds are available in packs or 12 regular seeds or 6 female cannabis seeds.