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where to get hydro marijuana seeds

I’ve seen several growers buy a water chiller and still get root rot. So I personally don’t believe cold temperatures are the best way to go to keep roots healthy.

If seeds sprout, but then stop growing…

Gently place the germinated seed inside, root down

6.) Take Care of Hydro Seedlings

Here’s a picture showing several healthy and viable cannabis seeds

These seedlings are a few weeks old, and the grower plans to move them all to the

Here are tips for taking the best care of hydroponic marijuana seedlings:

This way you can see what people have to say and decide if that product is right for you!

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What Is The High Like?

We even offer a seed combination package with heavy hitters which are heavily discounted! Check out our Heavy Hitters Mix Pack if you want a knockout-bargain.

However, we don’t leave you hanging. To make sure your next grow goes great we created a series of grow guides you can follow to get great yields even with zero experience.

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