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where to buy marijuana seeds reddit

Any experience with seedsman?

I am going to give my green thumb a go. I own a few acres of protected land in the middle of no where. So I thought I'd give growing a shot. Anyone know where I can buy seeds that is trusted and safe?

I did think this, I'm going to do some recon walks over this time. Hopefully find a quiet spot

I went into THAT shop in Glastonbury, and the guy was selling seeds that he said are good for outdoors at a low price. They are called "Avalon" something and were more expensive online. you can order online or the shop is located in Harrow, the guy who runs it is sound he'd be happy to help I'm sure

Another point. Might actually be better if you don't own the land.

omg i visit this shop frequently, didn't know he had a website

What payment method do you use? Do you have then shipped straight to your spot?

I second this. I’ve been purchasing from them for ten years now

Ordered from them 3x now. You will not be disappointed.

I've ordered from nirvanashop several times and haven't been disappointed

I'm looking into purchasing some seeds off of good idea? Bad idea?

Marijuana is not legal where I live, so getting a high cbd strain is pretty difficult.

Did a ton of research on this a few years ago. I'd check out attitude seed bank and look at CBD Crews lineup. Have made like 6 orders and they have come every time. IMO if you go with attitude you will have nothing to worry about. has good seeds and guarantee delivery!

What kind of prepaid did you use? I tried using one yesterday and kept getting denied. is an awesome site and is us based

Attitude Seed Bank ( is where I got mine from. Seeds took 9 days to get to me and were very discreetly packaged. They carry some Mephisto seeds too. I liked that they weren't Bitcoin-only. I just loaded up a prepaid Amex to order and had no problems. There's a decent list of reputable seed banks on r/microgrowery too!

Interested in where fellow MO growers are buying seeds. Obviously there’s a lot of info online but I wanted to get a feel for what to expect, specifically with shipping to Missouri, before pulling the trigger. I know Mephisto is bitcoin only right now but they seem incredible. They are hard to beat for price/extras/selection.

It's legal to ship seeds to all 50 states just like buying anything else legal