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where to buy marijuana seeds in california webiste reddit

Gyo good but they could do a better job at getting new strains

I’d have to say GYO, I have ordered dozens of seeds, all came in with correct strains in like two weeks and 100% germination, but GYO gets their seeds from a lot of breeders(sensi, seedsman etc) so it wouldn’t be right to say that they are directly responsible for the rates

Should add Jordan of the islands (joti) he has some great crosses that he sells directly and he’s also the original god bud creator.

I can vouch for Oregon Elite Seeds, and Hella Dank Seed Co.

I got scammed by payofix when I used my credit card at Green point seeds. Ever since I've been sending money orders instead I've had zero issues.

Avoid any seedbanks that use international credit card processors. You will get skimmed eventually. Some people will use preloaded credit cards to avoid the hassle. I would rather deal with losing a small remainder forever on a burner card than waiting to get charged reversed and a new card sent etc.

Found this yesterday – kinda miffed there’s no shops opening nearby

Found this today. It looks like each province has different rules, but you can order

Now that marijuana is officially legal where can I buy good quality seeds?

Asking the tough questions

check out

Not a huge selection and they only have feminized but the price isn't as crazy as I thought. Ten seeds for $65 is about $6.5 a seed for feminized. Might give them a try.

i've ordered from there before, had no problems.