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where to buy humbodt marijuana seeds

The Humboldt strain has two distinct aromas. When you pop those buds in the buster and grind them up you will notice a spicy hash odor that is eerily similar to the Afghani fragrance. Once you pop it into the bong you will be intoxicated by the sweet, floral aroma that has a scent of orange.

As mentioned earlier, temperature and humidity can be easily controlled indoors and should be kept at around 70-80F and 40-50% humidity. The Sea of Green method is great for maximizing the amount of buds you can produce per square foot of growing space. Don’t forget that these big, chunky buds have a tendency to retain moisture and can easily mold if you don’t trim away the broad fan leaves. Getting good air circulation and light penetration to the lower lying branches will help produce the best growth and not have you worrying that devastation will occur and ruin your crop.

This strain has a hashy and spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of Afghani Indica. Regardless of the parents and where this strain came from, it has immersed itself in the spotlight. It has profoundly relaxing and uplifting effects, similar to a Haze strain. These are well balanced effects that saddle the fence between sativa and indica lovers nicely and is great because it can be used any time of day.


When you want to replenish that stash quickly, these cannabis seeds are a good choice. They will provide a yield after a 7-9 week flowering period which means you will be able to smoke them if you got them and not need to worry.

You may find the Humboldt Fem strain seeds go by the nickname of Humboldt Kush because of its apparent indica connection.

This strain can help with a range of issues, including physical and psychological concerns. The cannabinoids and terpenes have natural anti-depressant qualities and they are the compounds responsible for the mood enhancing and calming effects. This makes them ideal for helping with depression and anxiety. The mind-clearing and focus enhancing properties can help with things like ADHD and can help dissipate stress.

If you are looking for something for pain and want a similar THC level, give the Purple Kush Fem a test drive. Another strain that has big, robust buds is going to be Grandaddy Purple, a classic indica strain. It is a great alternative thanks to its similar THC level. You will also be in for a delight when you witness the purple hued buds that will be produced.

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Feminized Seeds

Choosing feminized cannabis seeds simplifies considerably the growing process. Experienced growers know exactly how important that is, but maybe those who are taking their first steps in this world are not aware of the many advantages these type of strains can bring about. Endless and really varied benefits that are worth taking into account when deciding which type of seeds to buy and grow. When it comes to feminized seeds, the following aspects could help you make up your mind:

At Humboldt Seed Organization, we have created a catalogue full of contrasts featuring an incredibly varied range of delicious combinations to suit all kinds of tastes and occasions. Their effects, flavors and aromas are able to stir amazing strong sensations in whoever gives them a try.


In 2012, a group of local breeders with more than 20 years’ experience in working with elite clones decided to set up Humboldt Seed Organization. It is a young bank made up of experienced founders whose old school and unique genetics are highly appreciated and coveted in this field.

Humboldt Seed Organization supports and promotes the cultivation of 100% organic marijuana and works on an environmentally-friendly basis, always respecting the local surroundings.

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