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where to buy golden goat marijuana seeda

Read the Golden Goat seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Golden Goat seeds.

The golden goat high is quite distinctive for me. It has three distinct phases: 1) the come-up, which is extremely energetic and creative – you will want to move around, talk to people, or get started on/complete a project you’re supposed to be doing 2) the peak, which is euphoria. It isn’t a sativa-like rush, more like a sudden realization that this amazing euphoric feeling has been building and you just feel really great 3) the come-down, which is the biggest crash I ever experience from weed. This doesn’t give you couch-lock: it gives you bed lock. I would routinely fall asleep for the night at 9 PM after medicating only an hour previously (with pretty high tolerance). Overall, I’d highly recommend it.

About Golden Goat seeds

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Golden Goat is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain created in Topeka, Kansas. The Breeders in Topeka recognized that a male plant of hybrid Hawaiian, Romulan had fertilized a female plant of sativa Island Sweet Skunk. That's how Golden Goat was created.

The Aroma of this cannabis strain is mixed with tropical fruits and is a bit spicy. Golden Goat is great for medical users. The effects are very strong and can be felt all over the body.