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where does commercial growers in oklahoma buy marijuana seeds 2021

It's going to take some time before you can walk into any local dispensary, and they'll have seeds and clones in stock like grocery stores always have cereal.

When you plant a batch of seeds, some of the seeds can sprout male and others female. You don't want any male plants in your crop because they will pollinate the female plants, which will lead to your cannabis buds becoming heavily seeded.

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If you do your due diligence and buy quality clones from a good dispensary, there are many upsides and hassles that you get to avoid. It can be easier because the clone will already be female, and you won't have to worry about male plants sprouting up in your crop and causing problems due to their pollination.

On the other hand, seeds can be just as beneficial for starting a crop. Plants started from seed have been known to yield more product. This might be due to the fact that plants started from seed have something called a Taproot. A taproot is the central part of a cannabis plant's root system, and it extends deep into the soil, absorbing lots of nutrients.

You can get an online Oklahoma medical marijuana evaluation with for just $99! All doctors working with their platform are fully licensed in the state for which they provide recommendations.

“It’s crazy. Everyone wants that one. It’s such a wonderful strain to grow—very sativa with a sweet bit of cherry musk and funk, like a gassy funk,” he said.

Lastly, Compound Genetics recommends its latest collaboration with Colorado seed gods Cannarado. Look for Gastro Pop—that’s Apples and Bananas to Grape Gasoline.

“Our Romulan seeds are selling very, very well,” said Megan L., Romulan Genetics sales manager. “Nostalgia has been a pop-culture phenomenon lately, so anything that brings people back to their youth or high school years is a big hit with the Baby Boomer generation.”

Zkittlez and Runtz run amok

If Autos and Fems are easy to grow, Tangie family strains are easy for beginners to smoke. They have bubbly, friendly effects that can go all day.

Dark Heart Nursery offers a 2003 Ken’s Granddaddy Purple this year. (Courtesy Dar Heart Nursery)

And for a spotless mind, this year Bodhi Seeds has:

“It’s a lot of newer growers that are afraid of males and they want to get something that won’t have male seeds,” he said. “People don’t like the experience of having to throw away plants that they don’t want.”

The quality assurance lab will also do biannual lab visits and random sampling of products at dispensaries.

This is possible through the use of Metrc’s RFID tags, which every grower and processor will have to purchase and use to label every plant and package. All licensed medical marijuana businesses will also be required to pay a monthly fee to be in the Metrc system.

But even with its widespread use in the cannabis industry, the system has still caused skepticism among some in Oklahoma.

“It works great for the guy that’s got the 2,000 square foot indoor grow or the 10,000 square foot greenhouse, but it doesn’t work well for the guy that has 50,000 plants in the field at one time growing on 90 acres,” Meibergen said. “They’re just not designed for that type of a scale.”

State legislators have also expressed concerns over the price of Metrc’s RFID tags, which are The 2021 legislative session begins Feb.1..45 per plant and “When I write a law, I’m not concerned about someone who is using marijuana just to get high. ” Fetgatter said. “When I write a marijuana law, I truly am thinking about that grandmother who has rheumatoid arthritis and can’t hold her grandbabies or that grandfather that was like mine and had Parkinson’s.”.25 cents per package. Rep. Scott Fetgatter (R-Okmulgee) said while he supports seed-to-sale tracking, he worries the price of the tags could add on to the state and local fees for medical marijuana businesses and drive up the cost of the product for patients.

After medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma in June of 2018, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority had only 60 days to prop up the entire program, forcing the agency to play catch up over the past two-and-a-half years. But 2021 brings changes to the state’s medical marijuana program, including a new seed-to-sale system and quality assurance lab, and the upcoming legislative session could mean even more.

Williams said the quality assurance lab has been conducting proficiency tests by sending known samples to all of the state’s medical marijuana labs to see if they can correctly test for potency, pesticides, microbials, solvents, heavy metals and mycotoxins.