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where can you buy marijuana seeds in ontario

Sativa seeds grow tall and big, originating in subtropical and tropical climates. Sativa cannabis strains are an excellent option for people who need a boost of energy thanks to their terpenes and high THC and THCV levels.

The Sonoma Seeds site delivers a user-friendly experience. The range they offer is extensive and has the potential to be overwhelming, but they have it organized on easy-to-navigate pages in a user-friendly way. This means your job as a grower shopping is more about eliminating great options based on your specific goals, not just figuring out what will work.

Strains sold by Rocket Seeds are also all over the place, from many strains that are perfect for first-time growers and beginner-friendly, to many that are tougher to cultivate and rare. The site also features sections for high THC seeds and high CBD strains and information for medical marijuana growers.

5. Sonoma Seeds – Fastest Shipping

The same is true of reentering the US with cannabis seeds. Even if you fly from, say, Amsterdam, or the recreational cannabis state of Oregon, CBP will seize any cannabis seeds they find because marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

If you buy cannabis seeds online and they are discovered by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they will just discard them and not deliver them to you. This highlights the importance of stealth shipping and guarantees; most good seed banks will replace orders that customs discards.

Although their selection is not what we would call extensive, Sonoma seeds offers a range of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. Their strains range from harder to cultivate and rarer to many beginner-friendly strains that are ideal for first-time growers. You will also find high THC and high CBD seeds.

Want a specialty seed that will grow outside—in Canada? Quebec Cannabis Seeds has you covered. Looking for something that grows fast but produces strong results and good cannabinoid levels? They ’ ve got that too.


Despite being a Canadian province that is largely influenced by the United States, its cannabis scene is still regulated similar to those of other Canadian territories. As such, the legal age requirement for adult marijuana use is set to 19 years old. Furthermore, medical patients seeking to use marijuana as an alternative form of treatment must be at least 18 years old.

The province of Ontario has also been known to pass and approve of a number of laws and regulations that look to further improve the cannabis industry over there. In addition to the federal Cannabis Act that was implemented across the country, these other provisions sought to regulate and control both the medical and recreational use of marijuana within Ontario’s cities and municipalities.


As such, it goes without saying that marijuana consumption is not allowed in places where people (most especially children) would otherwise be exposed to marijuana. These places include: churches, gymnasiums, schools, colleges, public parks, public transportation vehicles, etc.


Now, as these laws spanned at a nationwide level, the province of Ontario was one of the many places that saw an immediate upsurge in the distribution and consumption of cannabis in their area. Also, there was also a significant increase in the number of people who were buying their weed seeds online from SunWest Genetics. As a place blossoming with growers and cannabis enthusiasts, many people have opted to buy the premium and high quality weed seeds that we have to offer. From the classic regular seeds to some new autoflowering hybrids, our marijuana libraries at SunWest Genetics are sure to surprise you guys! We also offer Express Shipping services that help us maintain the privacy and secrecy of our customer’s information. Through its use, you won’t have to worry about getting your orders confiscated by Customs! We make sure to lower our prices so that customers will be able to save up some money without having to sacrifice the quality that our weed seeds contain!