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where buy high quality marijuana seeds reddit

Related, but slightly off topic –– for causal, small, first time grows (growers) is it better to start off with a clone to get into the home-grow game, and then try seeds if you enjoyed it and wanted to do it again? – lots of good breeders here- good customer service

Necann coming up should be some seed people there.

I was just about to post, I ordered from Unofficial Good Guys website last week. Took six days for seeds to arrive. Very discreet.

I've made a few purchases from Quality seeds – great service.

Always had a good experience going through GreatLakesGenetics, their customer service is usually fast. They are not a huge seed bank but they have strains from really good breeders with great genetics!

In terms of local genetics, none of the dispensaries have the right licenses to start selling yet. I have ordered seeds from i49 and ILoveGrowingMarijuana, with both companies taking about 7 days to deliver during the pandemic.

Trying my hand at growing and need some help finding local seeds.

They’ll reopen/restock on Monday

Edit: if you are a beginner, I highly recommend ILoveGrowingMarijuana because the owner, Robert Bergman, is fanatical about teaching people how to grow and your seeds include online education material about each step from germination to harvest. He is also the author of The Marijuana Grow Bible. I will definitely be buying from him again!

Let me know if there's a seedbank you love that you want on the list.

So here I am with this big ol' list of strains and I realize that some of you probably have no idea where to find the damn seeds. I've posted this list as a reply to enough comments that I think it deserves its own thread. I'm just posting Canadian ones I have saved in my bookmarks or sources that get suggested in the comments, but there are a ton more. I'm also posting a few other helpful links that I use when I'm shopping.

Health Canada LP list – Sort by "Starting materials for sale" (medical only) – All the info you need to find rare strains and know your lineage

Legally give out clones to everyone