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when to plant marijuana seeds in melbourne

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AVG day length: 12:47–13:36
AVG temp: 31°C

Longer-flowering strains are approaching harvest all through May, so watching trichomes is as important as ever. Larger sativas will want to have the upper, more mature flowers removed early in the month to give the lower flowers more light. They will then be harvested later in the month after a few weeks unshaded.

Faster-flowering strains are stacking on the flowers now. Be sure to support branches as flowers get denser and heavier. Resin production is obvious as trichomes start to swell and calyxes fatten up. Aromas are developing nicely and pistils are starting to wither. Pull back on foliar spraying to ensure flavour integrity in the end product. Time to start watching trichomes for colour changes.


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AVG day length: 12:20–13:15
AVG temp: 26°C

Marijuana is a rapidly growing annual that drinks a lot of water to get as big as it can, as quick as it can. So summer provides some interesting challenges. Too much water combined with heat can create the perfect conditions for root rot and bugs like thrips and root aphids. Again, Trichoderma and other fungal and bacterial inoculant colonies can give cannabis good resistance against many root diseases and bugs. Spraying with silica when it’s hot gives a mineral boost and makes cannabis unappetising to creepy crawlies. Be sure to only spray in the cool of the evenings.

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AVG day length: 11:48–12:47
AVG temp: 30°C

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AVG temp: 24°C

Famous books like The Big Book of Buds, by Rosenthal, promotes the Screen of Green (SCROG) growing method as the best way to bring out the cannabis plant’s full potential of THC and CBD.

If your planting directly into the ground, you’ll want an open space with as much sun as possible.

The goal of growing cannabis is to have a high yield of resin and large flowers (buds), and having a pair of sharp pruning shears in your arsenal is important.

4. Germinating the Seeds

Be careful with the Fim method as it can damage your plant if you do it too early or too late.

You’ve been dying to grow your own bud for ages, and now it’s finally legal in Canberra.

Pruning your cannabis plant requires removing fan leaves and low-growing tips to direct all the plant’s nutrients to the upper-level leaves and flowers.

Wait until you choose between inside and outside cultivation to decide on a strain and purchase seeds.