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when to plant marijuana seeds in australia

In general, September is still too early to guarantee proper germination and early vegetation. It is always tempting to plant early in spring, but in the south of the nation, planting this early can affect final flower production. There won’t be more than 12 hours of light until later in the month. Plants may vegetate well and look great, but the buds can end up fluffy and poorly developed. Unless the grow spot is fully exposed to sun from dawn till dusk, it is better to wait until next month to guarantee good end results.

Australia is a huge landmass with a number of climates. Follow these helpful month-by-month grow tips from RQS to ensure you get the best results from your cannabis plants Down Under, regardless of whether you live in the north or south.


Time to harvest the second autoflower crop and germinate the third.

• North
AVG day length: 11:56–13:27
AVG temp: 34°C

• South
AVG day length: 12:47–13:36
AVG temp: 31°C

Spring is the best time to grow some Cannabis outdoor in Australia. To help you out with that, here’s our guide on how to build the stuff in the great outdoors without getting caught.

The plants do not grow to maximum capability without being fostered. They need masses of water and daylight in their vital developmental tiers to increase the harvest. So, this step is essential if you want to provide the final results of massive, green heads.

Find a plot

Go out into a forest close to you, search some possible growing areas. A perfect area will have slopes facing north, giving the plants sunlight around the day. And they should be placed with access to water, letting for green irrigation. However, privacy is prime; the plants ought to additionally be without difficulty portable from the grown area.

A week later, you’ll be equipped to cure the weed. While completed efficiently, healing remarkably will increase the quality and potential of the harvest. You must put your bud into a closed jar. In case your harvest is enormous, put your weed in a full drum.

Cannabis seeds do not take plenty to sprout. You just need to keep your seeds onto an area of wet cotton wool. The seeds ought to be held in a darkish area for 3-7 days, and by that time they become equipped to be transported into seedling pots packed with a nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer. Bury the seeds 1/4 of an inch under the area, putting them in daylight. Water them in the morning and afternoon.