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what to do with potent seeded marijuana

If it’s very seedy the buds may not feel as potent, though a few seeds here and there won’t make much difference in potency. The main problem with seedy weed is that you are getting less smokeable bud for the amount of total mass there. If it is seedless, you will get a lot more bang for your buck. Seedless bud (sinsemilla) is considered to be the highest quality and most potent type of weed.

I’ve seen some growers get impressive results with bagseed, but overall results seem to be hit or miss. Plants can grow in odd ways and often either the yields or quality isn’t as expected. The problem is that seeds often don’t “breed true” to the buds that they came from. That is why many growers either stick to clones (which are exactly the same as the “mother” plant) or purchase seeds of a stabilized strain from a trustworthy breeder, where each of the plants will grow the way you expect, and buds more consistently have the smell, yield and potency they’re supposed to.

There’s a seed in my bud!

Are seeds good to grow?

What does it mean to find seeds in your marijuana buds? Is it something to be worried about?

Seeds are the result of pollination. That means the seedy cannabis buds (which come from a female plant) may have come into contact with pollen from a male plant. Therefore, it’s possible the grower didn’t identify and remove all the male plants before the released pollen. It’s also possible that the plant self-pollinated (sometimes called herming) which is often the result of plant stress during the budding phase but can also be caused by genetics.

It should be dark and relatively hard. Very pale or white seeds, that can be easily crushed between the fingers, usually won’t sprout. However, I have been surprised to find some very flimsy seeds sprout and produce amazing plants (we aren’t breeding them for hard seeds after all) so when in doubt, I highly recommend doing the true test to see if the seed is viable – try to germinate the seed and see if it sprouts!

Weed at least feels more strong when it’s smoked or vaped with the consistency of ground bud (which looks like loose flecks or the “shake” that falls to the bottom of the bag). If I had to put it in numbers I’d say grinding adds 10% onto the perceived potency over breaking up the whole bud with your fingers. It makes the most dramatic difference if you’re working with very dense cannabis that’s hard to break up. If the buds are easy to break up into tiny pieces this won’t make much difference.

With a water pipe or bong you waste less smoke than with a pipe because they generally hold the smoke within the device itself until you breathe it out. With some practice that means you can inhale just about every last bit of smoke.

Open jars daily during the curing process, but otherwise, keep buds air-tight

4.) Use a More Efficient Delivery System

With dry ice hash, you put your buds in a specialized bag with dry ice. The dry ice freezes the trichomes off the buds, and if you shake the bag all the trichomes/hash spills out the bottom, leaving all the inert material behind. This is one of the highest-yielding methods for making hash!

Vaporizing – Most efficient consumption method, and you can use the buds a second time by taking the vaped buds and turning them into edibles. The major downside is vapor is much less hard-hitting.

Cannabis that feels “weak” usually either has low levels of THC and/or high levels of CBD

There are literally thousands of great strains, each with its own unique effects. For example, Sour Diesel plants tend to grow tall but produce great yields with potent buds.

However, I know for a fact that when pollination in a male has taken place and the female has been "infected" and has started to produce seed within the bud flowers then it produces a significantly less potent bud and reduces yield too.

Before I say anything, I must admit that I’m no expert.

Well the good news is I have a VERY sucessful grow! I thought I ordered female seeds but 8/14 were male. I wasnt looking for males so I was a little late on plucking them (Maybe one week after 12/12 MAX!) So I thought I was fine and was going to get seedless bud then I trim one today and find out there are seeds in them, upon further inspection some of my main colas have seeds too. I guess the best thing to do is ride it out and collect viable seeds (Northern Lights 5) but most of the seeds i plucked were green and not brown. Do I just keep the plant flowering longer until the seeds emerge themselves? Will that make the bud less potent. The bud is still smokable so I am still happy but I would like it as potent as possible.


What to do what to do.

On the flip side though, you say it’s smokeable and enjoyable so it’s all good. You know for next time though man! :passingjoint: