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what is grey seeds in marijuana grow

Botrytis spores, dispersed by the wind, can remain latent for years in the environment until climate conditions are favourable for their growth.

However, we can find a few exceptions among Indica plants, like the White Domina marijuana or Pakistan Chitral Kush.

Which are the symptoms of Gray Mold?

At the end of the floweirng phase, reduce the amount of water in each irrigation, since too much water can affect the flowers, which could rot. During this stage, wait until the substrate is completely dried before watering again.

There are several fungicides to treat Botrytis on the market; one of the best ones is, doubtless, the Botryprot fungicide , 100% natural and highly efficient.

In a future article, we’ll teach you a way of making a completely clean resin extraction using buds infected by Botritis.

Ask any experienced grower how to produce a hardy marijuana plant and they will say to start with a seed for a good strain. Lighting, soil, nutrients, and water play large roles in the final yield, but starting with a high-quality seed gives growers the best genetics with the highest potential yield possible. Most people find their first seed mixed in with marijuana, but most of these seeds are low quality and may grow to be male plants. The best way to get high-quality seeds is to purchase them from a reputable marijuana seed retailer.

A mature, high-quality marijuana seed has a hard shell that can withstand the pressure of being squeezed between two fingers. Poor quality seeds will disintegrate when squeezed. If this happens, the seed was weak or dead and would not have grown a viable plant if it germinated at all.

Characteristics of a Quality Marijuana Seed

The largest seeds are the best ones to grow. It is easier to pick the largest ones if there are several to compare side by side. Growers should look for the most symmetrical seed that is round or shaped slightly like a teardrop. Underdeveloped seeds are small and have an asymmetrical shape.

The simplest way for growers to ensure they have high-quality seeds is by sourcing them from a reputable seed bank. These companies specialize in breeding a variety of marijuana strains and producing seeds that, with the right care, grow into viable, high-yielding plants. Growers can choose a variety that meets their requirements for potency and desired effects and be sure they are getting seeds that produce the plant they want.

Seeds can remain viable for three to ten years if stored properly, but more and more seeds will fail to germinate as time passes. Older seeds will take more time to germinate, so growers should use the float test before assuming the viability of their stored seeds. They can speed germination by soaking the viable seeds in water mixed with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours. It is important to watch them closely for signs of opening, as they will need to be removed immediately to avoid drowning.