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what is a hybrid marijuana seed

As the demand for cannabis grows, so does experimentation with new strains. Most of the strains on the commercial market today are hybrids – plants bred from numerous different strains of cannabis to produce certain effects or features. This is a basic primer on what hybrids are, and some of the reasons they have become so popular.

Some plants are more resinous than others. Hybrids are specifically crossed for their resin content. Indicas tend to be more resinous than sativas, but hybrids change the game here too.


Cannabis can also be propagated “sexually” or “asexually”. The sexual reproductive process involves combining different parents. However, vegetative methods also include cloning, cuttage, and even division of roots. Asexual reproduction allows the exact same plant to be produced again and again.

This is a low-THC species of cannabis native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. There is some debate over whether ruderalis is a subspecies of sativa. At this point, most scholars accept that ruderalis is its own strain. The main reason this is such an important species of cannabis is that it is autoflowering. This means it will flower regardless of light cycle, unlike photoperiodic strains. As a result, this feature has been crossbred into both indica and sativa strains, which normally require specific periods of photosynthesis. If you are using an autoflowering strain, it has been crossbred with a ruderalis strain at some point.

These strains are all crossed at some point with a ruderalis parent. What this means is that your plant will bloom regardless of hours of light exposure.

Hybrid Cannabis Seeds are curated seed strains that combine the cannabis Sativa strain and the Indica strain to produce a unique new strain that is a fine blend of both landrace strains. The hybrid maintains the unique characteristics of both strains but in the measure determined by the master breeder; there are Sativa-dominant hybrid strains and Indica-dominant strains. The effects produced by the hybrid strain are also parent dependent. That is, whatever mother strain used in developing the hybrid, it is most likely to adopt the same effects as its mother strains.

Hybrid strains are primarily niche strains, they are not mainstream but can also find use recreationally or in medical cannabis.

For whom are Hybrid Cannabis Seeds most interesting?

Depending on the dominant strain, Hybrid seed strains would require some specific conditions for starting the seeds and through the growing period. But like all cannabis seeds, whether you are planting indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, you would start the seed using the methods we have discussed here and follow the process for the specific dominant strain.

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Nutritional considerations : Using nutritional additives is discouraged at this stage of your cultivation journey. Rather than look to artificial sources of vitamins and minerals, ensure to get a good soil with the right PH level and also good seeds. The plant should perform well with these two and under the right conditions.

Mild THC levels offer a lighter high for daytime use, although you will still notice the effects both mentally and physically.

Put simply, hybrid marijuana seeds share genetics with two or more types of cannabis. That usually means a combination of indica and sativa, but technically, autoflowering strains are also hybrids. They combine genetic material from sativas, indicas, or both with cannabis ruderalis plants.

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There are a few advanced methods used for growing hybrid seeds. Most of them are geared toward indoor growers. Those who already have the basics down can try pruning techniques like fimming, topping, or monster-cropping. Some advanced growers also report good results when supplementing CO2.

This is a great strain to try if looking for an easy grow. This Indica is sure to cause long lasting relaxation with a mellow effect.

It’s energizing high is more likely to leave you wired than sleepy, so smoking shortly before bedtime is not recommended.