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what do bananna peels do to marijuana seeds

Potassium is also crucial as it aids in the biosynthesis of proteins related to terpenes, the absorption of water by roots, and the regulation of stomata cell guards (for opening and closing).

• How to make banana tea at home

Long used among growers in Spain, stinging nettle (known in the region as purín de ortiga) can be brewed into an excellent remedy for aphids, thrips, mites, and whiteflies—very common cannabis pests.


First and foremost, compared to using synthetic nutrients, growing organically makes for better tasting cannabis. Aside from synthetic nutrients potentially hampering the taste of your crop directly, some believe that growing organically actually helps plants to fully develop their terpene profile.

An effective organic insecticide that gets rid of common pests.

Add a handful of nettles to a litre of water. Let boil for a few minutes and allow the tea to cool. Strain through a filter or cheesecloth. Fill a spray bottle and spray your cannabis plants generously—especially the leaves. If needed, repeat after a few days. Use the leftover nettle tea as a fertiliser for an extra bonus!

• Flavour

AHSWEETA!! thumbs up!! so therefore I have decided to keep one female hermie away from my garden (if I do find one in my garden..) and be prepared. but important issue is I would have to remove the pollen sacs (nuts/banana small shapes) around the buds as much I can..also remove the opened sacs (yellow or green I don’t care) that gotta go!! if its open it gotta go.. the high precious percentage of these pollen released out of open sacs is no good.. its too late..and they will grow new sacs too. I’m not talkin about the same shape of male hermie s 5 banana sacks hanging out of the stems/branches.. but get the idea of the difference traits of hermies? and properly crossin/breeding into 100% feminized seeds?
I’m sure I have fitted the matching pretty good so far. enough for newbies to learn..
but if anyone that’s high expert.. please add more info about breeding a feminized seeds and the banana peels/gas to promote better of female traits.. unless I can try again with banana peel rolling.. oh well..I ll get the some of idea for banana peels and humidity dome for gas and add water for seeding
all that.. we will see like I said I am learning, so you can learn too..I would appericate any feedback. just to promote more new and advanced seed breeders.. and do it right of ways. good luck yall new seed breeder and advanced seed breeder to create feminized seeds, better/higher percentage to get better strains..
pepper is your good friend indeed.. btw I advised you to not try pepper sprayer (IMO that coulda piss the hermie hehe)maybe sure freak the hermie out of no where hee hee.. soo..don’t try that on male hermie..that can ruin your garden that’s IMO. come to this.. hermies does grow for some reasons.. I have discovered the crystal clear of breeding to have feminized seeds, but if yall have any golden of that.. please I would love to hear whats true and tried..of shiny crystal clear in breeding to get feminized seeds..

anyway, I do wonder if I can have like 5 females in the grow room.. and invite one of female hermie in but before that prepared remove the open sacs, and let the fan set on "high" and let it go for like a week? would it be alot easier?

btw if any leo saw you got hermie.. just say its not mine, I even not realized its there I didn’t think it was marijuana plant.. you go ahead have it.. I don’t think that plant will get u high anyway.. just take it.. I don’t bother it.. was unaware of it and thank for the tip.. ain’t mine or is possible its other kind of plant or posion plants.. just denied it as much you can.. but if you could slide if Leo/DEA know better of hermites. btw the DEA/Leos has less knowedges of breeding, males, females, hermie, cloning, all that.. I bets..all they thinks is its and the marijuana is crimmanls. thats all they says and doin’ their job for stink of paychecks which really not pay all for their family incomes. that really wrong. and that is true of sucks.


I researched these history of breeding the forced to be feminized seeds which called as
hybrid..and there was a famous brand called skunk no. 1 from long time ago.. that happen sometime if we all know how to do it right of way.. so this is a huge chance for yall to learn to do it properly.. even name every strains.. later on today theres new name called white rhino.. so think about it.. its like a stabilized seeds.. you got to study every strains. you experienced..match/brand every parents to product better strains as see how it goes..all that..
IMO that is a true seed breeder. on way back and very natural..people does surely did these methods. until though of the time. experience professional growers is in jail right now and still. they has to shut their mouth and won’t help the feds. so our help to properly get more stabilized seeds and grow better plants to very important.. I’m sorry if you winches your eyes with tears saying I wanna call seed bank and pullin their legs to give me some cuz some of cracked seeds, or failed..nor sound as ripped off. thats your call.. I’m savin my money for family.. thats higher principle of my standard.. I’m marijuana grower, farmer, no excuse for me.
children I have, they will grow up, and will recognized..and smile. say oh sweet. with
big smile of "cheese" but I need to doing the better job today for the better of tomorrows.. when they grow up they will learn from the best.
But dont forget that feminized seeds won’t always be 100% female. Its only if you veg in optimal conditions. Sexes are influenced by the conditions including stress but do the stressing in flower otherwise you will get a full male or hermie. so..take easy.. be sure
to use these

when you want to cross/mate the females or mothers you want to quit clones them..

after 2 to 3 weeks of flowering.. do not harvest the females just yet.. use the clean paint bush and dip in the pollen bag you saved.. bushing it on the flowers/buds of females do it much as you can. after it’s done.. . btw turn the fan off (all fan off!!) while pollening these to the buds. now still 12/12 for
5 to 7 more weeks okay..turn the fan back on!! for remian of period of will notice more seeds popping these nice seeds is femmized.. some people says its 100%. well I would like to say 97.8%

I had to ask some old friends of mine.. finally here it is. has to write down as much I learns.. and did my best. here go nothing.