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Are weed growing kits helpful or a waste of time and money? a Pot for Pot is the complete grow kit for your favorite herb. Just add water, seed, and sun! Seed coupon included. We make it easy, growing shouldn't be complicated. A Pot For Pot Mini Complete Cannabis Grow Kit (1/2 gallon) These cute kits will brighten any home, our mini kits are super fun and easy to grow. Our 1/2 Gallon Mini Kit is designed to be placed

Is A Weed Growing Kit Worth The Money?

Growing your own cannabis at home requires a lot of tender, loving care, and more growers are beginning to turn to weed growing kits to optimize the process.

As more places continue to legalize cannabis and homegrow, more weed growing kits are popping up in the accessory market.

The big question is this: is a weed growing kit worth the money?

If you’re an avid cannabis consumer, you’re well aware how expensive legal weed can be when you’re rolling up on a regular basis. For this reason, many cannabis enthusiasts graduate from annoyingly consistent dispensary visits to growing their own plants at home.

As exciting as this may sound, there are a lot of things to consider before turning your space into a greenhouse. For example, if you reside in a state where adult-use cannabis is not fully legal, you’ll have to take a lot of precautions to avoid getting in serious trouble–a level of risk we don’t necessarily recommend.

On the other hand, most states where medical and/or adult-use cannabis is fully legal allow for consumers to grow a number of cannabis plants on private property for personal consumption (usually around 6-12, but the numbers vary from state to state). If you reside in one of these states, you’re in luck and will have a much easier time setting yourself up for success.

Growing Your Own Weed: Where to Begin

Before you can even start worrying about whether or not a weed growing kit is worth the money, you’ve got to make sure you have cannabis seeds to plant in the first place.

Luckily, cannabis seeds pre-germination are technically legal in most places throughout the world–even where cannabis flower is illegal. However, if you do not reside in a region where adult-use cannabis is legal, you would technically be violating local laws once the seeds have germinated.

In any case, it’s quite simple to purchase cannabis seeds online, or at your local head shop (if available to you). If you’re planning on growing your cannabis outdoors, you won’t need too much else to make things work: just a good amount of sunlight, water, and attentive care.

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However, outdoor growing is only convenient for anyone who doesn’t have to hide the fact that they’re growing cannabis, so if you’re trying to keep your operation low-key, this may not be the move for you.

Growing cannabis indoors has its perks as well: you get to control the environment, and therefore have more control over when your plants are ready to harvest. It also allows you to be discreet, and to keep your plants protected from outdoor predators like bugs and animals.

The major drawback of growing cannabis indoors is the cost. Between the high electricity bills and the laundry list of supplies you’ll need for a successful operation, the price can really rack up, and that’s something you’re going to want to prepare for.

Weed Growing Kit: Is It Worth It?

Weed growing kits are becoming increasingly popular as more people turn to growing cannabis indoors, but many consumers are wondering if they’re actually worth the hype.

Now, we could just give you our blunt opinion, but we’d prefer to let you decide for yourselves whether or not a weed growing kit is a good idea for you.

Here are all of the essential tools for growing cannabis at home that you’ll find in most thorough weed growing kits on the market. You may already have a handful of these supplies at home–if so, it might make more sense for you to just purchase the remaining items individually. Again, you decide:

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Germination kit
  • Grow tent
  • LED grow lights
  • Soil/growing mix
  • Carbon filters
  • Grow fan
  • Hanging ropes
  • Grow pots
  • Heat/humidity monitor
  • Electronic timer
  • Pruning snips
  • Power cord
  • Safety gloves

Aside from the tools themselves, there are a number of reasons people turn to weed growing kits. As you’re weighing your options, consider the below:

  • A growing kit cuts out the confusion. If you’re new to growing cannabis, it can be very difficult to figure out the right temperature and climate for your plants to thrive in, especially if you’re trying to make it work indoors without natural sunlight. A weed growing kit is ideal for anyone who wants to grow cannabis indoors, but doesn’t have a clue where to start.
  • You won’t have to worry about forgetting the small details. Growing cannabis takes a lot of patience, love, and close attention: forget one step, and your plants are goners and all your hard work is thrown out the window. Purchasing a weed growing kit helps provide you with that peace of mind that you definitely have all the tools you need and know what steps to take to ensure success.
  • You won’t need a large space to grow your plants. If you’re growing cannabis indoors without a grow kit, chances are you’ll have to designate an entire room to reap success and attain a truly controlled, balanced climate. However, grow kits will typically provide you with a grow tent, which allows you to control the temperature your plants live in without having to sacrifice an entire room.
  • A weed growing kit is ideal for indoor discretion. Growing weed inside vs. outside already provides you with an ample amount of discretion, but anyone who’s been around cannabis is aware how strong it can smell–especially when you’re growing entire plants on your property. Most grow kits will come with filtering systems to minimize odor and keep your home smelling fresh and stoner-free.
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Growing cannabis at home should be fun, cheap, and rewarding. We designed our growing system to be used by beginners or seasoned green thumbs who want to try growing naturally in our super soil.

Our grow kits are ideal for growing indoors or out, just add water, seed, and sun. Collectively we’ve taught thousands of people how to successfully harvest their own medical cannabis at home.

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Grow your own Cannabis in 4 easy steps!

Our Complete Pot Grow Kits come with everything you need to go from seed to stem – grow up to 8 oz in 80 days

1. Unbox Your Grow Kit

Every kit comes with a copy of our easy to follow, step by step grow guide and all the items you need to go from seed to stem!

2. Plant your Seed

Our Superb Soil™ comes loaded with all the nutrients your seedling needs to go from tiny sprout to bodacious, flowering buds.

3. Water your Pot

Our kits make it as easy as adding all natural sunlight (or an indoor grow light) and water.

4. Harvest & Enjoy

Harvest and enjoy your delicious homegrown bud with our included trimmers!

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“How to Grow Pot like any other Houseplant”

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We take you step by step through the growing process and answer questions such as: Which cannabis strains are best for growing at home? How to make your own soil for growing pot? How frequently should I be watering my plant? and What do I do if my plant gets spider mites?

We took our over 30 years of growing experience and distilled them down into one complete guide to growing cannabis at home.

No green thumb required; just a dash of determination and you’ll be on your way to growing the most amazing pot plant at home!

A Pot For Pot Mini Complete Cannabis Grow Kit (1/2 gallon)

These cute kits will brighten any home, our mini kits are super fun and easy to grow. Our 1/2 Gallon Mini Kit is designed to be placed indoors on desktops or window sills. It can be powered by the sun or a desktop lamp. Under the right conditions you can harvest up to one ounce and under all conditions, it will grow an adorable house plant.

It contains everything you need. Just follow our simple guide and you’ll be growing your very own bonsai cannabis plant, and enjoying a small green stash in no time! Add only water, one autoflowering seed, and sun.

Our included living soil blend provides all the sustenance your plant needs from seed to harvest. We poured all our knowledge and experience into a box so you can learn to grow faster.

Grow Guide
$40 Seed Coupon (see below for details)
0.5 Gallon Fabric Pot
Pot Drain Saucer
Seed Germination Jiffy Pellet
Superb Soil
Beneficial Bacteria
Diatomaceous Earth
Aeration Top Soil Mix
Coco Brick
Rooting Booster
Trimming Scissors
Kit includes a $40 Seed Coupon to discount your separate purchase of seeds from our online seed fulfillment partner (5 seed Minimum Order Quantity).

We recommend using Auto-flowering seeds. They make it easy by flowering after about 3 months, regardless of light cycle. This means you can plant it almost any time of year! These plants can grow up to 2 feet tall and yield up to an oz.

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