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walmart marijuana seeds

But before Walmart and other national retailers could ever begin to consider slinging marijuana products in the same way they do with respect to alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals, the federal government would first have change the nation’s pot laws.

Some folks might scoff at the fact that ACC’s cannabis nutrients will only be available through online channels. But these days, the Internet is where commerce is happening. In fact, consumers are now buying more products from the Internet than ever before.

Although the federal government still considers marijuana an outlaw substance, more than half the states that make up this great nation have ripped the plant out of the trenches of prohibition for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This commitment to statewide drug reform has laid the groundwork for a golden industry of ganja — one that is expected to be worth in upwards of $24 billion within the next seven years.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon and Walmart are not just interested in getting a slice of the action from cannabis potting soil. These organizations have also struck deals with several other companies that manufacture health supplements made with hemp seed.

Both retailers sell a variety of hemp oils and other hemp-based products that are marketed as remedies for chronic pain, insomnia and mood disorders. Although these products are not made from the cannabis plant, they are derived from its less interesting cousin.

Without a doubt, cannabis is on its way to becoming one of the leading cash crops in America. And there is green-eyed enthusiasm all around. So much that traditional industries ranging from Big Pharma to international breweries have all shown an interest in capitalizing on the monstrosity of legal marijuana. But the appeal of pot has not stopped there. It also seems that retail giant Walmart may be inching its way toward putting pot (or at least potting soil for pot) on its shelves in the not so-distant future.

The distribution agreement will bring SoHum Living Soils and Dr. Marijane Root Probiotic to the mainstream marketplace. It is a move that is considered a hat tip from the boardrooms of big business, and the message is clear: No longer are multi-billion dollar corporations afraid to associate with companies connected to legal weed.

Cannabis seeds at MossMseeds come in a variety of strains and styles. You can select auto-flowering strains like the Jack Herer Fem Autos (4x$24) or you can select a crossbreed such as the Fruity Pebbles OG x Girl Scout Cookies. Auto-flowering strains benefit from faster yields though their harvests tend to be smaller. Traditional cannabis seeds must be carefully tended to in order to ensure that your full harvest is maximized. With that being said, first-time growers will likely be ecstatic with whatever production their crops yield!

If you have never purchased or grown cannabis before, you are in for a treat! The process should only be undertaken in legal localities where you are compliant with local legislation. If you are in a place where it is legal to grow cannabis, you have the choice to begin from seed or clone. Clones are merely cuttings from fully-grown cannabis plants. Today, we are going to focus on cannabis seeds as they will offer you the utmost flexibility during your harvest!

At one point in time, the very idea of purchasing medical cannabis seeds online may have seemed impossible. Thanks to a continued push by advocates around the world, the acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal product are in full swing. Thanks to a push for legalization throughout the United States, it has never been easier to find medical cannabis seeds online! Today, we are going to walk you through the process of purchasing your first cannabis seeds from the team at MossMseeds.

How Can I Purchase Medical Cannabis Seeds On the Internet?

After you've selected the style of seed and strain, you are ready to head to the checkout! MossMseeds accepts payment from a variety of sources including Walmart-to-Walmart, Venmo, Facebook Pay, and more. These marijuana seeds are sold as souvenirs for the purpose of strain preservation. Any choice to cultivate is made without liability from the team at MossMseeds.

“Most of these states have the same or similar laws when it comes to owning marijuana plants,” said company spokesperson Rebecca Brent. “As an adult over 21, you can have several plants, and you can grow even more. We already sell alcohol, and our employees are trained to ask for ID for anyone under 40 for controlled substances. Heck, we even card for R-rated movies like some company out of the dark ages. So selling marijuana will not add any sort of hinderance on our employees, and will be a great way to tap into a new market of potential customers.”

Surprisingly, there are very few protests about the company dipping into the weed trade, even from government officials.

Although many people consider Walmart to be the epitome of an “evil corporation,” no one can say that they’re not completely in touch with what people want. The company announced today that in several states, including Colorado, Maine, and Washington D.C., the company would begin selling marijuana seeds and seedling plants to consumers who are over 21.

“If Walmart is adhering to the laws, gaining proper licensure, then there’s no reason I can see for any fuss to be made,” said Charlie Connors, a representative for the Governor’s office in Maine. “We are allowing small businesses to sell, and we are allowing adults to purchase. I do not see why there is any issue with Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, from selling either.”

Brent says that if the seed and seedling sales go well, it’s possible that Walmart will branch into smaller locations that will only sell marijuana and paraphernalia.