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The biggest downside of feminized cannabis seeds is that they’re nearly identical to the mother plant that they came from, which means they’re not a great option to select if you’re looking to have a large diversity in your plants. However, they make a great option for beginners, as they eliminate the need to identify male marijuana plants.

Marijuana has been decriminalized in the state of New York, meaning you won’t take the risk of developing a criminal record if you’ve been caught with a small amount of marijuana on your person. In addition, if you have a large amount of marijuana on your person, you won’t have to worry about a criminal record if this is your first or your second offense.

Due to the environmental stress that growing a marijuana clone causes, growing marijuana from a seed will help to produce a higher yield. Since marijuana seeds don’t have to struggle to get the proper vitamins, nutrients, and water that it needs to grow into a healthy plant, but able to focus on producing a higher yield.

What Auto Flower Strains Are Perfect for New York?

For you to reap a high-yield and they successfully harvest, you need to remove all marijuana plants from your garden. Unless you have other uses for a male marijuana plant, you can throw these away. Male marijuana plants are virtually useless, as they do not produce any effects when you consume the plant.

Another influential factor in your cannabis growing journey is understanding the different types of marijuana seeds. The choice that you make when shopping around for cannabis seeds will determine how much care you have to invest into your plants.

This short Indica strain is perfect for indoor growth, while providing users with a full-body high create an uplifting sense of euphoria.

At about six weeks of age, the first signs of a gender of a marijuana plant will begin to grow.

Can’t get those wheels in your head to slow down? Dark Star marijuana seeds might be the solution. This pure indica is ideal for nighttime use as it deeply relaxes the body and distracts the mind.

Candy Kush is an indica dominant hybrid. These weed seeds are a great choice for those looking for pain management and stress relief from their cannabis. This relaxing strain has a sweet and spicy flavor. Kush seeds are known for their introspective qualities, making them excellent for meditation. Our strain of Candy Kush is autoflowering; these cannabis seeds are easier to grow than traditional marijuana seeds, and are awesome for first time growers. This strain has 18% THC, and grows well both indoors and outdoors.

Burkle AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds

Garlic Bud is a potent cannabis strain that will boost your mood, relax your body and help you treat a number of medical issues like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or insomnia–just be prepared for its strong scent!

As of 2018, three states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana on the eastern seaboard. Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts have all passed recreational cannabis legalization, and New Jersey is projected to join them by the end of the year. This is putting a lot of pressure on the Big Apple. Realistically though, NYC should be rushing to cash in on that sweet, sweet legal weed. In 2016, marijuana sales in North America totaled more than $6 billion, and are projected to top $20 billion by 2021. And since marijuana has been decriminalized in New York since the 70’s, it’s no real secret the New Yorkers are buying it, like, all the time. That’s a lot of potential tax revenue that the state is missing out on. Tax revenue usually benefits

Presently, growing marijuana plants at home is not allowed in NYC. Medical marijuana card holders may only obtain their marijuana products through one of the state’s licensed dispensaries. Don’t be discouraged, though; you can still legally buy and own ungerminated marijuana seeds! Commonly considered collector’s items, ungerminated seeds sold from Pacific Seed Bank are top quality. We carry over 100 strains of weed seeds to choose from, so you can get what you need. If you’re tired of the backwards anti- marijuana laws in your state, get involved with a local marijuana activist groups, call your representatives and lawmakers, and make sure you’re registered to vote!