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uto flowering marijuana seeds

Packages are available in 1, 3, 5, or 10 seeds. If you fancy trying different genetics, select the Autoflowering Mix.

Ensure you are aware of the laws of your country.

We recommend sowing seeds in waves every few weeks across the growing season for a harvest every fortnight.

What Kind of Water Do Autoflowering Strains Need?

Aim for potting soil with the following ratio of materials:

Whereas feminized photoperiod strains require a change in the light cycle to flower, autoflowering plants do not.

As a rule, we suggest using half of the recommended dose when applying RQS products such as Easy Boost, Easy Grow, and Easy Bloom.

Yes, our autoflower seeds are feminized to ensure exclusively female plants. However, autos differ from photoperiod genetics.

DO – Try different lighting options. As discussed above, there are different options for lighting up your auto strains if growing indoors. Outdoor auto plants can use a lighting boost during veg cycle just to reach optimal size. Do your research for your particular strain and see what other auto growers are doing in terms of LED / HID / CFL / HPS lighting options. Try different combinations and again keep track of your results.

When you first see the seeds beginning to crack open, the next feature to look for is the autoflower’s tap root emerging. Once this long white root has reached half an inch to one inch in length, you can transplant it to a shallow hole in the growing medium of your choice. This taproot is one of the huge advantages that you get when you grow cannabis from autoflowering seeds rather than simply clone another autoflowering or feminized plant. The taproot establishes a strong connection with the earth, good for physical stability and also excellent water exchange rates. Ideally growers will use tweezers to transplant the seed first into the soil. At this point we enter the autoflowering seedling stage, which doesn’t require constant moisture like we did for the past several days of germination. Once the autoflower plant has developed four to five branches and is around two feet tall, it will start to produce flowers. No need to wait until late summer for the days to shorten. No need to tarp over your greenhouse or set an automatic timer for your indoor LED lights. These babies will just take care of flowering on their own, a skill genetically bred into their overall biology.

Flowering Stage – This portion of the autoflowering plant’s life cycle is really where the unique attributes shine. As we have mentioned, the typical cannabis seed of the past has required the grower to ensure a 12h/12h lighting cycle before the plants will know it’s time to flower, whereas the wonderful autoflowering ruderalis genetics ensures that flowering starts exactly when it’s time, regardless of what you do with your lighting. Flowering starts early when there are roughly five to six decent-sized branches. Flowering nutrient mixes will contain higher Potassium and Phosphorus contents as these are needed for healthy cannabis flower development.

Other benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

DON’T – Over-water your plants. Just as with nutrients, water is going to be used up a little slower with your autoflowering indoor or autoflowering outdoor plants. Allow the grow medium to slightly dry out in between applications so that this weed can thrive in its natural environmental conditions.

Seedling Stage – As small seedlings, you will observe the first 2 leaves develop, and then more height and branching will soon follow. This stage may realistically only last for a few days, up to a week depending on your lighting. The plants are very delicate during this early phase, so avoid doing anything to stress your auto plants at this time. When you buy reputable superior quality seeds from a trustworthy seedbank, the strong genetics should play a beneficial role in allowing your plants to survive into adulthood. Growers need not fertilize their newly transplanted seedlings, just make sure there is ample nitrogen in the growing medium from natural sources like manure and coffee grounds.

DO – Experiment and learn from your mistakes. There is no hard and fast right or wrong way to grow an autoflower plant from seed. You can be part scientist and part farmer, trying different arrangements and even placing two identical seeds in two different environments to test which gives the best results. Keep a grow journal of your successes and failures and this will help you move forwards towards being a professional autoseed grower.

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