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When you’re choosing a seed bank, one of the most important factors is shipping to the U.S. ILGM is great because they provide a delivery guarantee and ship each order in discreet packaging (intentionally left vague). It’s nice to feel confident when you place an order that it will arrive on your doorstep no matter what.


1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Seed Bank

Growing your own marijuana from seeds is a great way to get exactly the strain you want, available right at your fingertips. But if you’ve never purchased cannabis seeds before, you may be a little nervous. Which seed bank is the best to buy from? Is it risky to order cannabis seeds online? How do you know which shops are reputable?

ILGM is an international seed bank based in Amsterdam, but they specialize in shipping seeds to the United States and Australia. They actually have a distribution center in California, which is why their shipping to customers in the U.S. is so fast. It was founded in 2012 as a blog dedicated to sharing advice on how to grow marijuana plants successfully. Robert Bergman, ILGM’s founder, has kept that spirit alive, offering plenty of advice and a free e-book on how to grow healthy cannabis plants with big yields.

Unlike the other seed banks on our list, Crop King Seeds is based in Canada. It was founded in 2005 in Canada. They had to temporarily move their business to the United States when it looked like marijuana was going to become permanently illegal in Canada. For a few years, they grew their business in the American Northwest. Then, in 2013 they were able to return to Canada, and they’ve been growing ever since.

As a beginner consumer to marijuana seed banks, you may be bombarded with unfamiliar words such as “indica”, “sativa”, “feminized”, “autoflowering” when visiting a seed bank website. These are traits used to categorize the marijuana seeds.

For our example order we shall visit to buy weed seeds online. The Seedsman cannabis seed bank company has the most positive feedback between the review sources above.

Finding the Best Seed Banks Online

Regular seeds grow into both male and female plants upon germination. The exact number of male-to-female plants is different in every batch of seeds. Historically, regular seeds are the basis of natural breeding in the cannabis species. People who buy regular seeds are often breeders, and cannabis purists who prefer the “true” unaltered genetics.

Hundreds of breeders (or brands) sell their seeds online. Many of these brands can be found on Seedsman (and other major seed banks too). From the classic est. 1985 Sensi Seeds to new school breeders like Jinxproof Genetics. Here is a list of my personal favorite brands of seeds that grow well:

Indica Seeds

Super Silver Haze

Brands such as Greenwolf, Los Angeles Farmers, and many other storefront dispensaries in the US offer marijuana seeds. However, many of the cannabis seeds on offer are expensive and may not be verified.

Now, let’s discuss a few tips for growing marijuana seeds in the United States.

Super Silver Haze

It’s helpful to write what you need to do and then check off each part of the list as you complete them. Here’s a mock-up of a list that’ll help you ensure a heavy yielding cannabis garden:

If you wish to support a local seed store in the United States, this option may appeal to you.

In New Jersey, where the law governing medical cannabis was passed in 2010, patients can legally germinate up to six cannabis seeds and possess three ounces of usable weed for medicinal use in any given 30 day period.

The most important tip that we can recommend is always to buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank.