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true og marijuana seeds

A True Powerhouse

Even though it is Indica by nature, its effects are taken from its Sativa roots. Creative, euphoric, and uplifting, the strain features a wide variety of effects that help keep the bad vibes away. The high THC content might not be for newbies, but it certainly won’t keep them away from this almighty strain. It is highly advised that everyone should take this herb in moderation or suffer from its adverse effects.

Additional Information

True OG is a feminized strain ideal for growing potent weed with high yields. It has very high THC content at 27%, which is what most recreational strains look for. It is an indica strain that will improve your creativity, enhance euphoria, and will uplift your feelings. But it should be taken in moderation unless you want to suffer couchlock effects.

True OG is an Indica dominant strain known for its high-yielding potential and out of this world THC content that reaches as high as 27%. This is truly the OG cannabis that everyone is looking for. Strong and potent, this sought after weed can now be grown with ease in its feminized form. With the help of science, this Indica leaning strain can now be germinated even by beginners of the trade.

Speaking of effects, this skunky pine smelling and citrus tasting strain is generally favored by the medical community due to its high THC level, which concentrates its efforts in relieving pain as well as fend off depression, PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia.

It’s common for frequent marijuana users to build up a high tolerance to their favorite strain. After a few months of smoking, the same amount of weed might not do the trick anymore. Now’s the time when you want to look for something that’s long-lasting and highly effective. Look no further than True OG marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. True OG belongs to the indica-dominant family with moderate THC levels between 15-22%.

If you need a strain that’s going to last through a busy workday, True OG has got your back! This hybrid is actually an award-winning strain thanks to its potency and duration. Instead of feeling buzzed for one or two hours, you may feel lingering effects into the five-hour zone. Again, this varies from person to person. Users note feeling focused, relaxed, and euphoric while smoking.


This award-winning indica-dominant hybrid is a fan favorite thanks to its long-lasting effects. The high potency of True OG marijuana seeds can be effective in cases of nausea, anxiety, and chronic pain — especially headaches and migraines.

True OG marijuana seeds also come with a handful of medical benefits. The soothing side of this strain can help users combat nausea, anxiety, and chronic pain — especially when it comes to migraines and headaches. True OG marijuana plants come with a citrusy aroma, mixed with notes of fruit and evergreen. It’s a highly refreshing smell that can make you feel revitalized.