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trainwreck marijuana seeds

If you like the Trainwreck strain, there are other strains that you might like. If you particularly like the uplifting quality of this strain, you should also check out Super Silver Cheese strain (sometimes known as Super Silver Haze). It is also a high sativa blend that is good at targeting anxiety and stress.

The Trainwreck Feminized strain has large proportion of Sativa genes in its background.

The buds on the Trainwreck strain are dense and solid, and you can identify them by their colour and trichomes. It has bright green calyxes with little brown pistils and large trichomes. You can also identify this strain by its very pungent lemony, piney smell!

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The high THC content in the Trainwreck strain makes the high begin with an intense cerebral rush, stimulating feelings of euphoria, encouraging creativity, and bringing a feeling of general well-being. The indica presence in this strain is responsible for an extremely pleasant and relaxing body high. This is the kind of strain you might use before starting a busy day, at a time when a big rush of energy would be welcomed. Beware with this strain. The cerebral high can come on quickly and strongly, which makes it quite an intense high. It is definitely not recommended for beginners or for those who prefer a more subtle experience.

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The main cannabinoids present in Trainwreck are CBG and THC.

How to identify the Trainwreck strain

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I am suffering from anxiety and stress. The Trainwreck strain is my salvation! Easy to grow, fine result!

The THC levels for Trainwreck might not be high compared to other strains, given that its THC range is 15 – 20%. Despite the average THC level, Trainwreck can still knock you over with its uplifting “high” effects, especially if you take it in large doses as a novice. The mystery behind these THC effects explains better the ever-growing demand for Trainwreck weed seeds. The THC potency depends on the growing conditions for the Trainwreck feminized seeds. When the plant gets the right temperature, humidity, and light, it yields optimal THC.

The Yield of Trainwreck Seeds

Nathan McC – October 26, 2019

Trainwreck’s tolerance to harsh conditions comes at a cost, as evident from the yield. Trainwreck weed can survive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, the grower must regulate the climate too dry and warm. Such an environment allows THC potency to increase optimally.

Trainwreck boasts of a sweet citrusy aroma, which is easily noticeable during smoking. Storing the Trainwreck weed for a long time also makes the citrusy aroma more noticeable. However, the potency in the aroma depends on the phenotypes present.

Once the THC starts sinking into the system, hunger pangs start to kick in. You should take enough food before a Trainwreck weed session lest the hunger stops you underway. Another effect that is prevalent to marijuana users is a cottonmouth or a dry mouth. Cottonmouth occurs due to less production of saliva and can lead to a sore throat. However, you can minimize the effects by taking enough fluids.