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trainwreck marijuana seeds for sale

The happy and pain-free sensations of Trainwreck come on strong and fast. It’s a great strain for relieving pain and boosting your mood.

With a name like Trainwreck, you better believe this stuff hits hard and fast. One minute you may be feeling down and stuck in a rut, but the next you’ll do a complete 180 turn. Trainwreck marijuana seeds are seriously impressive for their ability to turn a frown upside down and help fix your mental state. All of your five sense will be engaged with Trainwreck marijuana seeds in the house. The smell, taste, and feeling of Trainwreck put together will help boost your mood and increase brain function.


There are multiple stages in the Trainwreck experience. Firstly, a powerful euphoric feeling will come through mere minutes after smoking. You’ll know right away if you smoked the perfect amount of this stuff. The sativa part in Trainwreck will leave you feeling extra awake, creative, and happy. Due to its high THC content, this marijuana strain also acts as an effective painkiller against migraines, chronic pain, arthritis, and more. Whatever your level of pain is, Trainwreck is the answer! Patients with ADD/ADHD and PTSD may also find comfort in its high THC percentage.

When riding the train of Trainwreck, happiness and euphoria come first followed by pain-free sensations throughout the entire body. You’ll notice a happier mood, a more relaxed body, and a lifted spirit. Patients with depression are encouraged to try Trainwreck marijuana seeds as the smell of lemon is backed by science to trick the brain into feeling happier.

It’s fairly easy to grow Trainwreck indoors because it likes warm temperatures and frost is not an issue. Also, an indoor grow means your plants are ready to harvest in 10 weeks. Whereas, an outdoor grow could take a few more weeks and needs to be ready by late September. Although this is a Sativa-dominant strain, it grows like an Indica strain with sturdy and thick stems and a short and wide appearance. These plants can achieve 150 cm in height and yield 500 grams per M2.

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Originating from Northern California’s “Emerald Triangle” is the infamous Trainwreck strain. It derives from two Sativa strains with Mexican and Thai lineage and is crossed with an Afghani Indica strain. To this day, people still debate the origin of the name. Some say it was named to reflect its mighty effects, while others say it got the name because it was grown by a railway crash site.

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When Trainwrecks flowers reach maximum potency, they’ll have tight, dense and sticky buds. The orange hairs and frosty resin glow in the most beautiful way. Its aroma is deeply earthy and can be accompanied by a musky scent. There’s also a hit of piney sweetness and a delightful lemon-lime smell.

As a strain that made the “Strongest Cannabis Strains” list, you can expect Trainwreck to provide a high potency that will get you high quickly. This plant has a short flowering time, is easy to grow, and is well-balanced between its dominant Sativa genetics and mild-moderate Indica strength. Also, users love it for its ability to reduce symptoms of PTSD and anxiety.

This strain delivers a heavy dose of THC, so it’s become a favorite strain of cannabis connoisseurs. The fast-acting effects give users a nice head buzz followed by a creative energy that can lift you out of a state of depression. Trainwreck can get you into the present moment, by increasing your awareness and heightening all your senses. The Indica element of this strain will eventually reduce the uplifting effects and help you restore and relax.

The taste of Trainwreck is subtle, yet pleasant. Those who smoke it enjoy the soft flavours. Plus, it has a smooth smoke with only a minimal throat hit. When you take a pull from your pipe, the taste of tangy lemon and pepper come through and are followed by lingering earthy and woodsy notes.