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“We know that businesses will have many questions in the coming weeks, and we will answer them as quickly as possible,” Williams said.

Implementation is expected to take up to six months.

Cortado Ventures has funded Tulsa-based Sway Medical in a Series A investment, the firm announced Thursday.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has signed a contract with Metrc for the implementation of a statewide seed-to-sale tracking system. The contract creates a system to track marijuana plants and products from a plant’s growth stage through sale to patients.

Sway Medical has developed a mobile app that helps healthcare professionals perform accurate cognitive and balance tests.

One of the main things that every state that legalized marijuana needs to regulate is the licensing – setting up rules by which the state will give out licenses for cultivating and/or selling cannabis and cannabis products. Ever since they introduced seed-to-sale tracking and made it mandatory for medical marijuana producers, it’s helped tremendously in the fight against the black market.

Here’s what the entire life cycle of a cannabis plant looks like:

What Is Seed-to-Sale Tracking?

With legality comes great responsibility, we can imagine Peter Parker saying. Luckily the legal cannabis industry now employs seed-to-sale tracking – a key element in carrying the burden of this responsibility.

The main goal of having such a tracking system was to prevent the diversion of marijuana from legal states elsewhere, prevent cannabis sales to minors, and counter the black market.

Though it started as a simple tracking system, today there are powerful software solutions that pot growers use to track their cultivation process. These solutions are created to help the government, as was intended, but they also include many features that are particularly helpful to the grower – more on that further down.