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top places to buy marijuana seeds online

There is even a handy visualization that makes it easy to see all of the effects and physical characteristics at a glance. Each strain also has plenty of customer reviews, which gives you a great idea what to expect from it as a grower.

The only real impact is on shipping times. They are shortest to the UK (within 3 days) and slightly longer to the rest of Europe (4 to 7 days). Shipping to the US and the rest of the world takes up to 25 business days, but generally 6 to 12.

But there are also a few great seed banks that work just like any reputable online store.

Marijuana Seeds NL

But ILGM does stand slightly above the rest, for a number of reasons.

This is our favorite online seed bank for anyone not located in the US and Australia. But they do have a fairly limited selection and somewhat higher prices, so you might want to check some of the options below, if this one isn’t in your budget or they don’t have a strain you like.

This is our favorite online seed bank, but it has one big problem: most people can’t use it. ILGM only ships to the US and to Australia. If you do not live in one of those countries, you’ll have to use one of the other options below. Don’t worry, they are all quite good too.

Shipping is discrete and not expensive at all. It costs under $5 in the UK and under $15 everywhere in the world. To the US, you generally pay a little under $10. Shipping times are fast to the UK and Europe, but can be up to 25 days elsewhere. It’s generally a lot faster than 25 days though, especially to the US.

Legit payment methods (it’s always a good sign if they accept bank transfers and money orders)

Secondly, and this is what we think you’re going to find the most appealing about QCS’ product offerings, is that they have an inventory of cannabis seeds that’s suitable for any climate. QCS itself will assist you in choosing which strain is the best to grow wherever you reside with just a quick chat with their reps.

Seedsman doesn’t exclusively sell cannabis seeds, either. They also offer other merch, such as apparel, weed growing and weed smoking paraphernalia, and actual cannabis plants.

Is Growing Marijuana Legal in the United States?

These sources are more likely to sell you “dead” seeds (or duds) that have a 0 percent chance of germination, or products they sourced through unethical and illegal means.

Free shipping requires large orders

From the get-go, ILGM offers their customers not just some of the finest and most popular marijuana strains—such as the AK-47 or Northern Lights—but also provides their clients with helpful guides to assist them in their quest to grow some good buds.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds, as you can tell from the name, is a Canadian seed bank that’s been in operation since the early 2010s. And although they might not provide as many strains as their competitors, you’re going to find that this seed bank has so much to offer.

Over time, his site has become one of the most trusted locations worldwide for Americans and Europeans buying marijuana seeds. There is an average delivery time of 10 days.

This seed site is easy to use and offers loads of choices, from different seed types to germination guides. It is the perfect place to shop for beginner growers. Choose from high CBD strains, autoflower options, and more.

A: Because of the many unreliable vendors selling low-quality products, it makes sense to wonder whether it’s safe to order seeds online. Fortunately, there’s minimal risk associated with ordering from online seed banks. Even customs laws shouldn’t be an issue. Some people are concerned that if their order is intercepted, they’ll end up on the law’s wrong side.

Also on offer are seeds for warm and cool climates, outdoor and indoor growing, high CBD, high yielding, high THC concentration, and more. Included in the top strains on offer are Blueberry Autoflower, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and White Widow.

4. Seedsman – Best for specialized strains