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Tommy Chong’s CBD is a cannabidiol product company from Tommy Chong. Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance. If you are a WordPress user with He is well known as an actor and cannabis activist but how does Tommy Chong's CBD range stack up? Here's our complete review.

Tommy Chong CBD Oil

Tommy Chong’s CBD is a cannabidiol product company from Tommy Chong.

The product lineup includes CBD tinctures, gummies, softgels, and more. You can buy Tommy Chong’s CBD online today through

Is Tommy Chong’s CBD worth the price? What makes Tommy Chong’s CBD different from other CBD wellness brands? Find out everything you need to know about Tommy Chong’s CBD today in our review.

What is Tommy Chong’s CBD?

Tommy Chong’s CBD is a CBD brand offering softgels, tinctures, gummies, and other CBD products.

According to, the company’s products can support energy, health, calm, and more, similar to other CBD products’ effects.

  • Delicious gummies you can chew on all-day
  • Tinctures that you can take directly or add to meals and drinks
  • Topicals you can apply to your skin on-the-go for quick relief
  • Capsules that make it easy to take your daily CBD with precise dosing

What makes Tommy Chong’s CBD unique is the use of Tommy Chong’s name and brand. Actor and comedian Tommy Chong has been an outspoken advocate for cannabis for decades. He finally decided to put his name on a company, and that company is Tommy Chong’s CBD.

Tommy Chong’s CBD is best known for its two flagship products, including Good Vibes (a daytime CBD tincture) and Nice Dreams (a nighttime CBD formula). The company also sells CBD gummies and other products at various strengths.

All Tommy Chong’s CBD products are made in the United States. The products are THC-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. They’re sourced from hemp grown with no pesticides.

Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD Effect

There are hundreds of cannabidiol (CBD) brands available today. Tommy Chong’s CBD aims to differentiate itself from the competition with its use of “nano CBD.”

Nano CBD is a term for cannabidiol products processed using nano-technology. Tommy Chong’s CBD isn’t the first company to create nano CBD products.

Tommy Chong’s CBD and other companies claim that using nano-technology boosts absorption. By reducing the CBD molecule’s size to “nano” size, you make the CBD easier for your body to absorb. Instead of breaking down in your stomach acid or getting lost in the rest of your body, you get the full effects of CBD.

  • Nano-emulsified for enhanced bioavailability
  • Faster absorption
  • Early-onset effects
  • Stronger with longer-lasting benefits

Tommy Chong’s CBD and other CBD companies use complex processing techniques to reduce the size of the CBD molecule to nano size, making it easier for your body to absorb while delivering stronger effects.

Tommy Chong’s CBD also uses liposomal technology, surrounding the CBD with a fat molecule to protect it from stomach acid, enhancing absorption.

Tommy Chong’s CBD Products

Tommy Chong’s CBD offers tinctures, gummies, and capsules targeting different effects. Some Tommy Chong’s CBD products are designed to be taken at night to help you relax. Others are designed to energize you during the day.

Most Tommy Chong’s CBD products use full-spectrum hemp. That means the company uses the entire hemp plant. Instead of just extracting cannabidiol (CBD), Tommy Chong’s CBD products contain a full spectrum of hemp ingredients. Some believe the terpenes and other complementary ingredients create an entourage effect, supporting each other’s benefits and leading to better results.

Good Vibes

Good Vibes is one of two nano CBD products released by Tommy Chong’s CBD. It’s one of the company’s most popular products. Priced at around $60 per bottle, Good Vibes Energy Tincture claims to give you all of the energy with none of the jitters or crash. It’s “just good vibes.” The formula uses full-spectrum nano CBD, allowing you to enjoy the entourage effects of cannabidiol. The formula also includes ingredients for energy, including caffeine, taurine, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and CBD hemp extract, among other ingredients. Good Vibes also contains a range of artificial and natural flavors along with stevia and sucralose for sweetness. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD or around 3.33mg per serving.

Price: $59.95

Good Vibes Energy Shots

You can also buy Good Vibes in the form of energy shots. If you want an extra dose of CBD on-the-go, then the energy shots can deliver the caffeine, CBD, B vitamins, and other ingredients you need to support energy throughout the day. The energy shots are flavored with a mixed berry flavor. Like the original Good Vibes tincture, you get artificial and natural ingredients along with stevia and sucralose. The full list of ingredients in Good Vibes Energy Shots includes caffeine, taurine, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and full spectrum nano CBD hemp extract. While the Good Vibes tincture provides 3.33mg of CBD per serving, the Good Vibes Energy Shots have 20mg of CBD per serving.

Price: $47.88 (12 Pack)

Nice Dreams

Nice Dreams is a sleep tincture from Tommy Chong’s CBD. You take it before you fall asleep to support calmness and relaxation. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD, giving you the same 3.33mg dose of CBD per serving that you get with Good Vibes. Other ingredients include GABA, valerian extract, L-tryptophan, melatonin, and more. It’s like a sleep aid or sleep supplement mixed with CBD. Nice Dreams is flavored with natural and artificial ingredients and sweetened with stevia and sucralose. You can take it with food or beverages or on its own.

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Price: $59.95

Nice Dreams Sleep Shots

Nice Dreams Sleep Shots is a shot form of the Nice Dreams formula. You get the same active ingredients and flavor but in a convenient shot form. Each shot contains 20mg of nano CBD. You also get the same herbal extracts linked to sleep and relaxation, including valerian, melatonin, tryptophan, and valerian extract.

Price: $47.88 (12 Pack)

Nice Dreams AM/PM Tincture Combo

Can’t decide whether you want to buy Good Vibes or Nice Dreams? You can buy a combo pack and drop the price of both products. The AM/PM Tincture Combo contains one standard-sized bottle of Good Vibes and Nice Dreams. You can take Good Vibes during the day to energize yourself, then take Nice Dreams at night to fall asleep and relax.

Price: $79.95

Tommy Chong’s CBD Oil

Tommy Chong’s CBD Oil is a tincture containing 300mg to 3,000mg of CBD per serving. Whether you want a small dose or a strong dose of CBD, you can customize the CBD oil however you like. Like other CBD oils, Tommy Chong’s CBD Oil could support relaxation, calmness, anxiety, stress, and other effects. Some people take Tommy Chong’s CBD Oil sublingually, applying it under the tongue for maximum absorption. Others mix it with foods, beverages, or shakes.

  • 1 Bottle (300mg): $49.95
  • 1 Bottle (500mg): $59.95
  • 1 Bottle (750mg): $69.95
  • 1 Bottle (1,000mg): $79.95
  • 1 Bottle (1,500mg): $99.95
  • 1 Bottle (3,000mg): $119.95

Tommy Chong’s CBD Muscle & Joint Balm

Some people apply CBD topically to soothe muscle and joint pain. Tommy Chong’s CBD Muscle & Joint Balm aims to relax muscles using CBD and other ingredients. Like other muscle-relaxing formulas, the balm contains camphor and menthol, both of which could cool and soothe sore muscles. The formula also contains chondroitin, MSM, and cinnamon extract, all of which are popular in other joint and muscle formulas. Just apply Tommy Chong’s Muscle & Joint Balm directly to your skin to enjoy targeted benefits.

  • 1 Jar (100mg): $39.95
  • 1 Jar (500mg): $59.95

Tommy Chong’s CBD Muscle Freeze Gel

The Muscle Freeze Gel claims to soothe and cool pain throughout your body using ingredients like CBD, menthol, and camphor. It’s similar to the balm, but it comes in the form of a freezing gel instead of a balm. The goal is to create a cooling sensation while supporting a healthy inflammatory response throughout your skin, muscles, and joints.

  • 1 Bottle (250mg): $49.95
  • 1 Bottle (1,000mg): $79.95

Tommy Chong’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Like many CBD companies, Tommy Chong’s CBD has launched a lineup of full-spectrum CBD gummies. These gummies contain CBD and its complementary ingredients, which could provide you with an entourage effect with terpenes and other cannabinoids. The gummies are made from hemp flower grown in the United States. This full-spectrum hemp extract is combined with natural flavors, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and gelatin. Each gummy contains 2g of sugar.

  • 1 Bottle with 30 Gummies (300mg): $49.95
  • 1 Bottle with 30 Gummies (750mg): $69.95

Tommy Chong’s CBD Softgels

Tommy Chong’s CBD also offers softgel capsules at different dosage options. Like most other Tommy Chong’s CBD products, you get full-spectrum hemp extract that works quickly. It’s easy to control your dosing and give your body the exact dose of CBD you need to support your targeted benefits. Tommy Chong’s CBD has added MCT oil to the capsule to enhance absorption. The softgels also contain purified water, gelatin, and glycerin to hold the formula together.

  • 1 Bottle with 30 Softgels (300mg): $59.95
  • 1 Bottle with 30 Softgels (750mg): $79.95

Tommy Chong’s CBD Features & Benefits

All CBD companies claim to give you a strong dose of CBD for maximum benefits. Some, like Tommy Chong’s CBD, even claim to contain full-spectrum hemp for the entourage effect. What makes Tommy Chong’s CBD different from other CBD brands? Why buy Tommy Chong’s CBD instead of competing brands?

Here are some of the features and benefits emphasized by Tommy Chong and the rest of the team at Tommy Chong’s CBD:

Nano Technology: Some CBD companies use nanotechnology, while others do not. With some, it’s a buzzword designed to sell more CBD. Tommy Chong’s CBD says that its nanotechnology enhances bioavailability and absorption. By reducing the active ingredients’ size, Tommy Chong’s CBD has made the CBD easier for your body to absorb. Instead of fighting to break down large CBD molecules, you can give your body the same dose of CBD in a smaller, more easily digestible form.

Liposomal Technology: To enhance bioavailability even further, Tommy Chong’s CBD uses liposomal technology, which means they surround the active ingredients with a fatty oil molecule called a liposome. This liposome protects the active ingredients from breaking down in your stomach acid, allowing more of the active ingredients to be absorbed by your body ultimately.

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Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum CBD products use the whole plant and all its complementary ingredients. That means you don’t just get CBD; you also get terpenes and other cannabinoids found naturally within the hemp plant. CBD manufacturers do this for the ‘entourage effect,’ and studies show that using the full spectrum of ingredients can lead to complimentary benefits. By adding more terpenes and cannabinoids, you could increase the effectiveness of the CBD within the formula.

Faster Absorption: Because of the nano and liposomal technology, Tommy Chong’s CBD products could be faster for your body to absorb. By placing the CBD oil under your tongue, for example, you could rapidly enjoy the benefits of CBD sooner than you would with other CBD products.

Lab Tested: A third-party lab tests most CBD products to verify their purity, potency, and safety. Tommy Chong’s CBD is no exception, and third-party lab tests all company products.

0% THC: Some CBD products contain trace amounts of CBD. Others contain 0% THC. Tommy Chong’s CBD specifically claims to contain 0% THC, which is important if you want to avoid it entirely. Some CBD products can legitimately claim to be THC-free while still containing up to 0.3% THC by weight. Many Tommy Chong’s CBD products specifically contain 0% THC, which means no failed drug tests.

Unlimited Refund Policy: Some CBD companies are strict with their refunds. Tommy Chong’s CBD is not. The company offers an unlimited refund policy on all products. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then you can return the bottles (even if they’re empty) with no questions asked and get your money back.

Disadvantages of Tommy Chong’s CBD

Tommy Chong’s CBD products provide you with a strong dose of full-spectrum hemp. However, the brand has some downsides compared to other CBD brands, including:

Not Cheap: Tommy Chong’s CBD is more expensive than other CBD brands. You’re paying a premium for the Tommy Chong label. Typically, CBD products in this price range are organic certified and contain 100% natural ingredients. Tommy Chong’s CBD has neither. You can find better-quality CBD products at higher dosages available online.

No Organic Certification: Tommy Chong’s CBD claims to use hemp grown without pesticides. That’s good, but it’s not as good as having organic certification. Tommy Chong’s CBD does not claim to be certified organic by the USDA or any other regulatory body. Typically, CBD products in this price range have organic certification or similar quality assurances.

Artificial Flavors and Ingredients: Tommy Chong’s CBD products are not all-natural, nor do they claim to be. Many of the CBD products contain artificial flavors and other artificial ingredients. Some contain sweeteners like sucralose and stevia.

Corn Syrup Gummies: Some CBD gummies contain all-natural ingredients and high-quality sweeteners. Tommy Chong’s CBD gummies contain artificial flavors and colors along with cheaper sweeteners like corn syrup. It’s like a cheap candy combined with CBD.

Low Doses: Tommy Chong’s CBD is best-known for its Good Vibes and Nice Dreams tinctures. However, these CBD products contain just 100mg of CBD per bottle or around 3.33mg of CBD per serving. The other Tommy Chong’s CBD products contain 20mg or more per serving. However, if you’re buying Good Vibes and Nice Dreams for the strong dose of CBD, you may want to look elsewhere.

Tommy Chong’s CBD Refund Policy

An unlimited refund policy backs Tommy Chong’s CBD products.

You can request a complete refund on Tommy Chong’s CBD products within one full year of your purchase with no questions asked. If you’re unhappy with the results of the CBD products for any reason, then you can request a refund.

Check the refund policy before you buy, as some products seem to mention a 90-day refund policy.

About Tommy Chong’s CBD

Tommy Chong’s CBD is the first CBD brand that uses Tommy Chong’s name, likeness, and brand.

Tommy Chong isn’t just a fan of marijuana: he claims CBD saved his life. After getting diagnosed with cancer, Tommy Chong used CBD tinctures to support his recovery. Now, he aims to share the power of CBD with the world through Tommy Chong’s CBD.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 833-667-3223
  • Mailing Address: 2180 E 4500 S Holladay, UT 84117
  • Email Form:

Tommy Chong’s CBD has a strong presence on Instagram with 2.6 million followers.

To launch his CBD brand, Tommy Chong teamed up with a Utah-based doctor named Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark pioneered the nanotechnology used in many of Tommy Chong’s CBD products.


Tommy Chong’s CBD is a CBD product company launched by outspoken cannabis advocate Tommy Chong. The company offers tinctures, gummies, capsules, and topical formulas, among other CBD products.

To buy Nice Dreams, Good Vibes, or other Tommy Chong’s CBD products, visit the company online today at

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Tommy Chong’s CBD Review: Is There Substance with the Hype?

This article may contain links to some of our affiliate partners. These are brands we trust and brands we feel represent the highest quality standards. When clicking links, we may earn commissions to help support our site. Learn more by reading our full disclaimer.

Tommy Chong’s CBD is a brand created by and backed by the famous comedian and marijuana activist. It benefits from having greater name recognition than many of its rivals, and it offers nano-CBD, a form of the cannabinoid that offers a much higher bioavailability than other types. Let’s examine whether Tommy Chong’s CBD brand is as good as advertised.

  • It offers nano-CBD oil products which are designed for better absorption
  • Good value when you purchase a bundle pack
  • A highly reputable company backed by a world-famous cannabis activist
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Useful added ingredients including valerian extract, melatonin, and Cordyceps sinensis extract
  • The lab reports are a little outdated and confusing to read
  • It doesn’t ship internationally
  • There are fake products on Amazon that may dupe some customers

Who Is Tommy Chong’s CBD?

This brand is backed by the legendary Tommy Chong, best known for being half of the famous Cheech & Chong comedy duo. He is a staunch marijuana advocate and says he has fought for the cannabis plant for over 40 years. Chong claims that it saved his life and points to his good health in his eighties as proof that weed is good for him. Indeed, he suggests that the plant is a “miracle.”

According to Chong, the CBD sold by his brand comes from the world’s highest quality, purest hemp. He is confident that what he sells is among the best cannabidiol on the market. As the great man says: “I put my name on it, so you know you can trust it.”

The brand has been featured in various internationally recognized publications, including CNN, Forbes, and CBS News. Tommy Chong’s nano-CBD is a form of the cannabinoid that absorbs more quickly into the bloodstream. The result is more substantial effects that last longer than standard products.

There’s no doubting the legitimacy of the brand and the man behind it, but does it deserve to be ranked among the industry’s top companies? Let’s find out in our exclusive Tommy Chong’s CBD review.

Tommy Chong’s Overall Score

WayofLeaf’s Top 3 Favorite Tommy Chong Products

This brand has elected to focus on a relatively small group of products, which is probably for the best. Too many companies get so enamored by various CBD crazes that they forget the basics. In contrast, Tommy Chong’s CBD sticks to classic products and is all the better for it. Below, our team reviews three best-selling products in the brand’s range.

1 – Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes Energy Tincture


The majority of Tommy Chong’s CBD oil range consists of nano-CBD. As described above, it does a better job of getting into the bloodstream than standard cannabidiol products. Therefore, while it is more expensive, one could reasonably argue that you get a better bang for your buck due to the significantly higher absorption rate.

However, there is also typical full-spectrum CBD which offers outstanding value for money. A 3,000mg bottle costs less than $70, and the brand is throwing in a 750mg bottle for free at the time of writing. If you consume a relatively high dose of CBD daily, Tommy Chong is the brand for you!

Tommy Chong’s nano-CBD oils consist of a Nice Dreams sleep tincture, but we decided to try the Good Vibes energy tincture instead. You might think it is costly with just 100mg of CBD per bottle. However, remember that nano-CBD is absorbed significantly quicker than standard cannabidiol.

Good Vibes also contains 200mg of vitamin B6, 300mcg of vitamin B12, and 350mg of vitamin C per serving. For reference, the B vitamin content represents over 11,000% of your RDA! Other relevant ingredients include taurine and caffeine, two well-known energy-boosting substances.

The oil was noticeably clear and thin, and our tester noted that Good Vibes has a subtle fruity flavor with minimal aftertaste. He admitted that within 25-30 minutes, he felt infused with energy and could focus on his tasks much better. It is ideal for morning consumption, especially if you find it hard to get going in the morning. The Tommy Chong brand also offers a Good Vibes and Nice Dreams bundle to help you get enough sleep before starting the next day in the right way.

The company extensively tests its products, and its most recent COA relating to the Good Vibes tincture was dated less than a month before we reviewed it. The lab report is pretty basic but seems to show that the tincture contains the amount of CBD the brand advertises.

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