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tips on seeds for higher percent female marijuana

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When growing regular seeds, it is impossible to know if they will produce male or female plants. A grower would simply plant seeds and expect about half of them to be male plants and the other half female. Unfortunately, this strategy can be inefficient, especially when considering that the point of growing is to produce flowering plants. Plus, keeping male and female plants together while growing gives the males the chance to pollinate the female plants. Once male plants pollinate female plants, their potency potential drops significantly.

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Feminized Seeds Help Ensure Higher Yields

Sometimes breeders find that their flowers from feminized cannabis seeds induce the exact mix of energy, creativity, and calm they were looking for. In those instances, they are likely to either cross that feminized strain with another well-performing cultivar or clone it to produce an identical product.

Growers looking to produce high yields find a lot of value in feminized seeds. However, other types of growers find feminized seeds valuable as well. Most US states have laws limiting how many plants an adult can grow for personal use. For anyone planning to grow in this way, buying regular seeds will likely mean that half of their plants will end up male, thus having no yield and no use. As such, feminized seeds are the best way to get the most out of what someone can legally grow for personal use. With feminized seeds, the grower will know that all of their plants will be flower-producing females.

Cloning feminized plants has the same advantage as using feminized seeds in the first place. The idea is to have a garden full of female plants that produce female flowers rather than pollinating male plants. When you clone a feminized plant, you automatically end up with another female plant with the exact same characteristics as the mother.