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the vault marijuana seed bank

The best cannabis seeds brands all in one place

When quality matters, don’t accept sub-par imitations: view the best-feminized seeds which were good enough to meet our exacting standards!

For serious collectors, our extensive range of feminized seeds is a veritable cornucopia of fine-quality genetics, each of which represents a master-class in modern weed seed breeding.

Regular Seeds – As wholesome and natural as a bag of organic trail mix

Auto-Flowering Seeds – Meet the T-1000 of the weed seeds world

Seeds in this category have been specially bred to provide the ultimate combination of speed and simplicity, with the potential to achieve results that will knock your socks off.

Whilst each of our feminized seed strains could be described as modern miracles in their own right, there is another female who should never be underestimated: Mother Nature… Our regular seeds provide cannabis connoisseurs with more traditional, classic, and old-school inspired strains: all of which are provided exactly as nature intended

We love how they have made their website. It’s easy to use and navigate . They have links to Top regular seeds, Top medical seeds, Top THC seeds, Top Autoflowering seeds, and Top feminized seeds right on the homepage.

The vault cannabis seeds store seed bank have their offices in both Scotland and Spain . You can contact them on their email or their phone numbers for the UK and the USA . Alternatively, they even have a support forum on their website, which can be used to contact them.

Seed bank Stats

The customer experience of this seed bank is really good, and you can check reviews on Facebook, roll it up, or Grasscity . Everyone who got their weed seeds from them is very happy with the way they handle their customers.

Depending upon the place of delivery, they will choose the best shipping option for you. They even give out a free package guarantee within the UK . So, if your package gets lost by the mail guys, then you will get a new package for free.

The people at the vault cannabis seed store seed bank are hell-bent on customer privacy . They send out their seeds as discreetly as possible.