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the mountain marijuana seeds

Blue Mountain seeds strain are a hybrid marijuana strain that is mostly sativa and can be grown in both an indoor and outdoor growing set-up. It belongs to the limited edition cannabis strains from Cannabiogen and one of the sativa dominated sativa plants that can be grown even by beginners who have basic understanding of marijuana cultivation. Though it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is best given space to grow to its full

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Very similar to most skunky strains mountain mist invokes a calming relaxing feeling that develops into a mellow body stone. Although Indica dominant it’s not too overpowering making it ideal daytime or evening smoke. Medically it’s great for pain anxiety and stress.

Feminized Type

Mountain mist is one of our top recommendations for growing in cooler more challenging or climates with a shorter season. It’s fast finish mould and disease resistance make it’s a fine choice.

Mountain mist with its skunk and Afghani attributes grows into a typical Christmas tree shape with the one large Central cola and bright green leaves with plentiful branches of shooting. Buds will often have a jade colour in appearance with a thick coating of resin. skunky smell with a hint of pine. the finished result is a combination of skunky and earthy aromas with a hint of sweet candy.

Designed for outdoors it will also grow well indoors not only can it with stand the cold it is extremely mould resistant and will cope with high levels of night-time or morning condensation. with a very pleasant skunky Afghani taste and medium strength.