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the future marijuana strain seeds for sale

Buy Future seeds

Buy Future seeds

About Future seeds

The flavors of Future are mostly like: Sweet, Grape, Earthy, Pine and Diesel while the effects of future are mostly like: relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, happy and uplifted. Order your Future seeds online at one of the 8 seedshops, you have multiple options to buy Future seeds for a good price.

Is it good to know what the flavor of Future is before you buy Future seeds online. It said Future tastes mostly like:

You want to buy Future seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Future strain. Future is known for the following effects:

Lineage: Around 65% Indica 35% Sativa

Future No.1 is a good one for stress relief, but it will not put you into a vegetative state. Its great for muscle relaxation and has a calming body effect. High THC Strains like Future No.1 can help with a variety of medical conditions, but by law we cannot give specific medicinal information as we would need research to prove any claims made. This one is probably not best suited for tiredness as it is more a switch off strain rather than a motivator.

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Future No.1 is an epic Indica cannabis variety with bright green and dense typical indica shaped buds with dark red pistils with some nice hues in the buds that are packed with so many crystals that the buds look fluffy like candy floss. The fragrance of the dried harvest is sweet and sour with a tropical Berry tastes rather woody with a slight melon. Future No.1 is a strong smelling marijuana strain so take care with your ventilation.

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we handle and store all our products professionally. We are certain that all our marijuana seeds are 95% viable and of the highest premium quality. We have a very competitive policy for dealing with faulty products issues (subject to our own discretion if the policy is abused).

Anesia Future No.1 is a good balanced strain but has more Indica so can be a little more sedative with more body effect. Indica strains are better if you want to switch off your brain and chill out. They are very good for if you want some alone time. Future No.1 still has a good amount of sativa so it will not completely couch lock you, Future No.1 will keep you active, but calm. Future #1 is a good strain for a one to one social situation as it can make you go into your own thoughts for some time. This one is a very powerful strain with over 25% THC content so go easy if your not experienced.

Future #1 Feminised is a highly potent hybrid whose effects start quickly and with great energy. It provides a stimulating, strongly euphoric high that also has psychedelic elements and expands the senses. At the same time, the effects are extremely physically relaxing and create a floating feeling of lightness and positive mood.

Future #1 Feminised THC content is just one side of an outstanding high. Also decisive is the terpene profile and the content of other cannabinoids in one variety.

Future #1 Feminised was created from a cross between our most potent and famous Gorilla Glue # 4 with an outstanding and lengthy selected Starfighter F2.

Besides the strength, Anesia Seeds breeding work also targeted the aroma. In addition to an intense pineapple aroma, Future #1 Feminised is accompanied by a strong note of mango.

Indoors we recommend lollypopping and outdoors topping for best results.

The proportion of myrcene, nerodiol and limonene is particularly high and perfects the effect by additionally strengthening it. The taste is a true sweet fruity experience that makes you want more.

Anesia Seeds Future #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a Sativa/Indica hybrid developed from a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter F2 and is one of the strongest cannabis strains available with THC levels at a colossal 37%.