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tangie marijuana seeds

Tangie performs best when grown outside, this is confirmed by the original breeder of the strain. When given the space it needs your plants can grow to heights of five feet tall and sport many branches within which to grow flowers. Sativa strains do tend to have a slightly weaker limb structure than their indica counterparts so supporting the branches is highly recommended. Avoid animal by-product fertilizers as they can leave residue in the soil and affect the taste of your finished flower. Sourcing a good quality vegan fertilizer will help prevent that. Making certain that your water source is PH balanced will also help keep the plant strong and resistant to common conditions like pests and mold. When growing outdoors, you should carefully inspect and trim your plants at least every couple of days to manage any potential pest problems before any hungry little critters gain a foothold. The extra effort you put in today will reward you later with some sticky, resin coated buds that shine with snowy white crystals. Yields of over one pound can be expected in optimal conditions with good care.

Sticking with The Golden State themed strains, California Haze isn’t as hazy as the name suggests. It is mildly psychedelic but very clear headed and has considerable mood boosting qualities. A phenotype of Amnesia Haze with a spicy fruit flavor with matching aromas this strain will make you dream of California sunshine on a winter day.


There seems to be a west coast theme happening here. California Orange x Skunk is where it all started though. It is a slightly less potent rendition of Tangie but very much appreciated for its clear headed, focused buzz that helps shake off stress, pain, loss of appetite and anxiety. A sweet and sour aroma with a funky, skunky, citrusy flavor round out the session well.

True to its sativa genetics, Tangie is a reliable treatment for alleviating most symptoms of depression. The higher THC content should be approached cautiously when being used for symptoms of anxiety. That being said, the strain can help with the condition in lower doses. Other medicinal benefits include easing of nausea and increasing the appetite. Notably, Tangie can have a significant effect of relieving the debilitating nature of adrenal fatigue by boosting physical energy levels better than your morning coffee.

California Dream fem must have been inspired by the Mama’s and the Papa’s because it produces a dreamy, euphoric state that floods the mind with creativity and inspiration. Minty, sweet citrus flavor signals the beginning of the end for anxiety, pain and headaches. This indica dominant strain is best enjoyed in the evening.

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Its almost overwhelming scent of citrus is matched on the palate too. Buds are super-resinous and the effect they produce is one of relaxed happiness and euphoria.


Starting life in California, DNA Genetics’ founders enjoyed the very best selections of local strains when they started growing in the late 80’s.

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Growers are advised to keep a watch on the height of this plant as it keeps stretching into the 5th, week of flowering. Buds are quite dense and exude a fantastic scent of citrus especially tangerines. Where the weather is good with sufficient sun it grows really well outdoors and will be ready to harvest either in late September or early October. Yields are in the region of 450 – 550 gr/m 2 .