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tangerine auto marijuana seeds

Despite being Sativa-heavy, Auto Tangerine is unlikely to make smokers feel nervous or jittery when consumed in sensible amounts. Rather, it creates an uplifting feeling that can help lessen anxiety and stimulates motivation throughout the day. With the added energy, you can expect to be highly productive. It will give you a sense of purpose and focus. Moreover, it opens the portal to creativity and innovation.

Besides the mind, the body also benefits because of the pain relief this strain brings. It may be a more holistic approach for alleviating PMS, migraines, arthritis, and muscle spasms. The CBD content could also reduce seizures and inflammation. With the right dose, it produces a soothing effect that does not make the user drowsy.

Being Sativa-dominant, it can give an energy boost for patients dealing with chronic fatigue. It also lifts the mood and makes users more focused and alert, making it a potential treatment for ADD or ADHD, PTSD, and depression. It helps people manage the day’s stresses by giving them a feeling of hope and enthusiasm.


Another strain that will make you drool because of its taste and effects is Original Lemon Pie Fem . This Sativa-dom catapulted to fame when it was endorsed by famous rapper and long-time avid cannabis advocate Snoop Dogg. Lemon Pie is a great joint for socializing. It will make you the star of the party as it boosts your confidence. On top of its sweet citrus flavor, it has a distinct smell of gasoline that it inherited from its Haze lineage.

Although it is Sativa-heavy, this cannabis strain is low-key and does not grow as tall as other leggy Sativas. As this medium-sized plant matures, it generates bright green buds covered in silvery trichomes – responsible for the exhilarating scent and remarkable effects. This sticky layer creates a frosty robe that reminds growers of snow-capped mountains. When the leaves turn yellow, it is an indication that the buds are ready to harvest. Tiny hairs of yellow or orange will also appear, creating a warm contrast to the white resin.

It also energizes the body but will never border on hyperactivity. The great thing about this strain is it has just enough Indica elements to soothe physical discomforts without making you sleepy. This combination of effects will come in handy if you need to finish physical, and not just mental, tasks.

This strain can thrive in grow tents, outdoor gardens, or greenhouses. However, it still needs routine observation due to a sensitivity to sudden weather changes. Nevertheless, it grows so fast that it can offer multiple harvests in a year regardless of whether it is placed indoors or outdoors.

For cannabis growers (including would-be growers) this is a favorable strain because of how fast it matures and still manages to give impressive yields. We would not hesitate to recommend this strain to someone looking for complete relaxation, rejuvenation, or a rewarding strain to grow. One drawback to consider is that this strain may not do well in very humid climates.

Taking after its indica genetics, this strain is a short variety with broad leaves that taper at the edges. When the plants are ready for harvest you will notice that the nugs are tight and hang low due to the weight that they have now accumulated. They will also have a beautiful silver coating of resin glands that are sticky when touched.

Auto Tangerine Dream is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created with auto flowering capabilities in mind. It originates from the Ruderalis version of Tangerine Dream. The result is a balanced hybrid strain (50% indica and 50% sativa) that is more recognized for its indica-like benefits.

Growing info

Given its short structure of about 60cm- 70cm, Auto Tangerine will do well in an indoor set up where you can monitor and prevent any serious fluctuations. It is not just an easy strain to grow, it is also very rewarding as it gives high yields of up to 500gr/m².

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As for balanced strains this one is a winner! Users rarely get overwhelmed by this strain, but this does not take away from the powerful effects that are produced. The taste is particularly appealing and works magic for those not accustomed to the herbal flair of most cannabis strains.

Initially developed on the West Coast, the pedigree of this strain is top notch; a cross of Ghost OG and an original Skunk Haze makes a near perfect blend. We developed this from a regular version to an all feminised line maintaining all the original characteristics and ensuring that the stability was fully intact.