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sweet tooth auto marijuana seeds

Consider this following list as the cannabis version of your DNA ancestry profile. We’ve compiled some of our favorite similar strains we think you’ll adore based on Auto Sweet Tooth Fem. Like discovering a long-lost brother from another mother, or a sister from a different mister, here are our top 5 similar strains for your growing pleasure!

Delivering a sultry state of calm, this strain offers a striking yet gentle cerebral high that is able to brighten your day or evening allowing users to feel upbeat, positive and focused. The mental clarity Auto Sweet Tooth Fem delivers is also accompanied by a heightened sensitivity to your surroundings. With the deep level of focus, chores will become more appealing and feel less like a task allowing you to accomplish what you may have been procrastinating on. As the sativa traits start to fade away, the physical effects associated with indica begin to creep in. Tension will fade away as muscles melt into relaxation and the drowsiness becomes a bit more overpowering. When the indica traits take a hold, you will begin to float away as blissful waves allow you to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.

With the addition of ruderalis into the Sweet Tooth strain, the autoflowering version of these cannabis seeds gives home growers the ability to plant pretty much any time of year. With the plant’s exponential growth rates, it is possible to achieve an endless supply by growing cycles of batches throughout the year.


Buds will appear light to medium green with delightfully bright orange hairs and a crystal sugary frosting, as the plant matures and ripens dark purple tinges can be found amongst the leaves of the buds. The buds produced by this plant are fairly dense and are covered with snowy trichomes.

Immediately upon germination, the flowering clock starts to tick! Flowering will noticeably begin about 2 weeks after germination and complete around the 10 week mark after, with complete growth times averaging about 80-85 days.

An army of all female, pure indica marijuana seeds is what you’ll get with Northern Lights Fem, these sweet and spicey buds are not only a delight to smoke, but are gorgeous to grow with shows of glowing purple buds nearing harvest time.

As a High Times Cannabis Cup winner consecutively for 3 years in a row during the 2000s era, Auto Sweet Tooth Fem strain has both psychoactive benefits and growth traits that are exceptional, concreting its place as a beloved indica hybrid by growers and users alike. Known for its sugary sweet flavor and fragrance, with a shape structure that comes from Afghani indica, this cross infuses genetics from Nepalese and Hawaiian sativa which add a blissful buzz to its signature tropical and floral scents.

Gilbert Carpenter – March 26, 2020

They’re great sweet nugs, they taste fine, too! And also, they grow finer. Never had any plant problems with the Sweet Tooth. In fact, I had a sweet time nurturing them until they’re good for harvest. My first hit was mind-blowing, didn’t expect it to be that strong. Nonetheless, I can feel all my body pain disappear. Nice seeds, nice work Sun West Genetics.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Sweet Tooth Autoflowering?

Gene Weaver – March 26, 2020

Sweet tooth auto flowering is always been my favorite ever since. This is the most excellent hybrid marijuana for me. I love it offers the sweet cerebral euphoria that keeps my mind and body the relaxation I ever wanted. Lastly It can relieve my stress, it helps me to stop my depression, and can also be used to conquer my pain.

Betty Bozek – February 18, 2021