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super skunk marijuana seeds

Super Skunk Feminized lives up to its name, and is one of our most popular strains. Super harvests of chunky buds, super easy to grow, and (obviously) a super member of the skunk family! We gave the original Skunk #1 a boost to its yield and effects: We crossed it with a carefully chosen Afghan, then feminized the result so there’s no need to remove males. As an indica-dominant cannabis strain it’s reliably relaxing, with a 20% sativa component that lifts your mood and keeps lethargy away.

Super Skunk Feminized has a relatively short flowering period of 50 days maximum. This works well for indoor growers who want to enjoy two or even three harvests per year. Once the flowers start growing, they increase in size very quickly. They also multiply so rapidly that progress can sometimes be observed from one day to the next. The buds are a striking bright green colour, and are spiky, with large, pointy calyxes.

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Effect, taste, and smell of Super Skunk Feminized

Typically, skunk strains tend to produce a pungent odour (hence the name). Super Skunk Feminized is rather different, with a smoother, fruitier aroma. The Afghan parentage shines through, with earthy, spicy base-notes which are particularly strong during the flowering period. Indoor growers should be aware that this smell intensifies as harvest approaches.

Sensi Seeds bred Super Skunk Feminized cannabis seeds were created to be a stronger, heavier-yielding version of the world-famous Skunk #1. Adding genetics from a pure-bred resinous Afghan hash plant achieved this.

Old school skunk lovers will know what this lady is all about. She will display hybrid vigour and bring you the best of two classic household names from the 1990’s. A medium sized plant that will reward you with abundant harvests of pungent, acrid, bold terps with a potent effect and heavy resin profile. An incredibly reliable and low maintenance strain, that is a must have for beginner growers.

Experiencing this strain: The effects from Super Skunk Feminized are not too heavy, and will keep you in a state of tranquility with motivation and focus. Over time, she can reveal her indica heritage and will put you in a sleepy, dream state if you blast this one with reckless abandon. Well suited for smokers who enjoy an upbeat strain without the energy boost and is ideal for daytime use also, although take her easy.

Her terpene profile can be described as deeply earthy and pungent, and she will certainly let everyone in the room know she is present. She will light up your taste buds with her deep, long lasting bold flavours that lasts all the way down to the final toke of the joint. Medical patients may find this hybrid useful for relieving stress, headaches, cramps, muscle pain, relieving feelings of anxiety, nausea and sickness, improving motivation and helping with a deep sleep.

What makes this strain so great: She is the best of two old school veteran Cannabis strains. The ultimate expression in hybrid vigour and one of the strongest aromas around. Make sure your carbon filters are working over time when growing and drying out this big yielding, easy to grow beast.

Genetics: Super Skunk Feminized was created by taking Skunk #1, known for her fast blooming, rapid growth and tough resistance to all climates. By crossing her with Afghani, the result was an indica and sativa hybrid that is an upgrade of both parents, displaying the most desirable traits. Flowering time will vary between 8-10 week dependant on phenotypes.