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super skunk auto marijuana seeds

This cannabis strain is 80% indica. Its buds are dense and lime green. Much of the flower growth occurs on the central cola. Techniques like fimming or topping aren’t suitable in this instance, as autoflowering strains don’t have a long enough vegetation cycle to allow the methods to take effect.

The plants are slightly smaller than other similar strains, which means yields can be lighter. However, they are ‘harvest ready’ more quickly than other plants, which can be an advantage.

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The scent of Super Skunk Automatic is usually mild during the vegetation stage. Once flowering is well established, the smell intensifies. It becomes more skunky and sweet, with strong, earthy base-notes. After harvesting and curing the buds, you’ll notice that they have a similarly pungent aroma.

Growth pattern of Super Skunk Automatic by White Label

Super Skunk Automatic delivers all the benefits of Super Skunk in a format that’s very easy to cultivate for growers of any experience level. It can be grown almost anywhere, from sunny windowsills to gardens in cold wet climates with short summers. Super Skunk is famous for its award-winning combination of happy high and powerful stress relief; this autoflowering variation makes these benefits available to more gardeners than ever before.

Super Skunk Automatic’s scent often surprises people. Unlike other strains in this family, the aromas aren’t overpowering, and are reminiscent of sweet citrus. The base notes are warm and spicy like other skunk-type cannabis, which showcases the plant’s indica heritage.

Growth pattern of Super Skunk Automatic

Super Skunk Automatic’s effects are well suited for both recreational and medicinal use. The overall sensation is one of relaxation (thanks to the 80% indica), though there is an uplifting aspect to the buds, which is due to the sativa element.

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The buds are dense, well-sized and bright green, with a generous coating of trichomes and large calyxes. Super Skunk Auto isn’t the biggest yielding strain, but will produce rewarding harvests. A larger growing space and longer hours of light during the flowering period help to maximise the yield. Make no mistake though, this plant’s buds are satisfying and by no means small.

Although the appearance of the flowers is not impacted by the amount of daylight the plant receives, the plants will benefit from an extended light cycle (14 to 18 hours a day) to increase strength and yield. The flowering stage usually lasts seven to nine weeks, and the plants don’t revert to vegetative growth, even if the photoperiod is unpredictable.

The aromas become more noticeable as flowering begins, but are not as overpowering as the Regular and Feminized expressions of Super Skunk. Scents reach their peak in the final week. After curing, the lemon smell of the buds becomes less prominent. However, once consumed, the flavours are immediately noticeable.

Strong, sweet, and simple to grow, our Super Skunk Automatic is a favourite among beginners, and growers with limited time, space, or energy. The plants can thrive outdoors even in short summers and wet weather. For growers who are looking for compact plants that don’t need a lot of maintenance to produce solid buds, this strain is a perfect choice.