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super silver haze marijuana seeds

Depending on grow preferences, Super Silver Haze’s terpene profile tends to lean towards myrcene and caryophyllene, though its lush bouquet reflects the rich diversity of its esteemed lineage.

The instant joy spreading out right after the first hit makes Super Silver Haze a prime strain for tackling low moods and depression. Beta-caryophyllene and myrcene are also considered effective anti-inflammatory agents. It’s also a go-to medical cannabis strain for stress relief. Limonene will help you unwind as its generous 20+% THC puts your mind at ease.

Its mythical parentage assures powerful sativa genes and a terpene profile to dream of. This strain’s genetics are like a cannabis Hall of Fame, featuring Northern Lights (Afghani x Thai), Haze, and Skunk #1 (Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold). With so much history embodied in one plant, we wouldn’t be surprised if Super Silver Haze was nominated for World Heritage status soon…

Flavour & Aroma

Super Silver Haze is one of Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets – but we’re sharing it with you. This sativa-dominant powerhouse has been in high demand for decades now, and for good reason. As a multiple High Time Cannabis Cup winner, Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds bring an exceptionally energetic brainy high with a quick onset and a long-lasting after-effect.

Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds are a sure-fire way to get maximum results from your purchase. These beauties are all carefully configured to grow into productive female specimens, giving you 99% certainty of a harvest full of dark green nuggets on every branch.

Experience the joy of growing your own classic Super Silver Haze at home! Suited for warmer climes outdoors, this lady really comes to her own in controlled indoor settings. Hydroponics is your hottest ticket, but any soil can do. SCROG is recommended to support this stout lady while she grows.

The aroma and flavour of Super Silver Haze is historic herbal dankness, with two slices of lemon for that fruity citrus pick-me-up. Full and potent, its rich skunky tones are matched by complex touches of diesel and herbs.

A sour citrus scent accompanies the joyous effects of Super Silver Haze, though it also carries a skunky tang and a lemony aftertaste. Use it to battle stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders like PTSD or ADD/ADHD. Take note, despite being great for treating stress and anxiety, too much may cause excessive paranoia

Super Silver Haze marijuana is an award-winning hybrid that stole the show at the ’97, ’98, and ’99 High Times Cannabis Cup competitions with its energetic and long-lasting body high that is known to relieve stress, banish nausea, and help you to feel hungry again.

An award-winning strain taking top honors three years in a row, Super Silver Haze is good for what ails you. The high THC content delivers happy energy and pain relief without the indica couch lock. Gardeners with intermediate experience should have no trouble with this strain, especially in an indoor, hydroponic environment.


An excellent day-time smoke, Super Silver Haze marijuana helps to calm major and minor anxieties without leaving you feeling bogged down or spaced out – a deep cerebral relaxation without the indica couch-lock. It’s high THC content has earned it the nickname of a “one-hitter-quitter”, meaning a little goes a long way for patients looking for fast relief.

Super Silver Haze feminized marijuana seeds require a practiced hand to garner a yield upwards of 500 grams per plant. Preferring it warm, this strain thrives indoors in a hydroponic set up, though you can find success with outdoor growing if you know what you’re doing. (Super Silver Haze tends to yield a little less when grown outdoors.)

Bring home award-winning genetics and powerful relief with Super Silver Haze feminized marijuana seeds – order now!