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super silver haze auto marijuana seeds

The Ultimate Stressbuster

Super Silver Haze in autoflowering form is a strain that will give you amazing euphoria with reality-bending effects, making it perfect for recreation and as a medication. It is best to smoke this in the evening or in the afternoon to relieve stress and anxiety. It won’t give you a couchlock effect, unlike other potent strains.

Additional Information

This Sativa dominant strain reigns supreme when it comes to giving an all-time high for its user. The fact that you can reach a certain level of euphoria with this strain is a feat that not many marijuana strains are capable of. Aside from its reality-bending high, you remain medicated with its health

When fully engaged with work, it is best to smoke this weed to help with focus and relaxation without having to worry about couch-lock. Stress is a non-factor when it comes to this strain. Certain health benefits such as pain relief and an increased energy level are the reason why most doctors prescribe this weed.

The inclusion of a Ruderalis strain ensures that this weed grows well, whether it is cultivated indoors or outdoors. Bred for its medicinal value and its quirky effects, this strain is ideally smoked during the day time when you want to take a break from a stressful situation.

Due to its properties it is ideal for medicinal purposes and is particularly suitable for stimulating the appetite. It can also be used very well in the treatment of pain.

Super Silver Haze Auto is an autoflowering variety created by crossing a Super Silver Haze and our Seeds66 Ruderalis. It produces a long-lasting effect that is powerful, cerebral, invigorating and euphoric. This type of “high” is the most popular with most cannabis lovers.

It has an exceptionally spicy taste. Slightly lemony and with a clear earthy and metallic aftertaste.

Super Silver Haze Auto becomes a wonderful plant that can reach 1.5 meters high outdoors, is highly mold resistant and produces buds that are completely covered by a layer of silver resin. In fact, and under optimal environmental conditions, outdoor results of 250 grams per plant can be achieved.
In a growing area, it takes 10-12 weeks to harvest and yields of 400 – 500 grams per m2.

It also tolerates fertilizing very well, mainly iron, zinc, magnesium and nitrogen, and moreover, the pH of the medium should not exceed 6.2 to avoid nutrient uptake problems. We recommend the pH of 6. She also likes it when she gets a lot of fresh air.