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strawnana marijuana strain seeds

The makeup of this strain is 70% indica and 30% sativa. Additionally, growers will be pleased to know that Strawberry Banana marijuana seeds are relatively easy to germinate and grow. Expect a flowering time of around 50 – 60 days and a height of 72 inches on average. Once your apartment is filled with strawberry and banana notes, you’ll be begging for a smoothie.

The majority of Strawberry Banana’s effects occur in the mind and brain, despite being a mostly indica hybrid. What starts as a mild head buzz gradually leads to an uplifted and euphoric head high that leaves you with a boost in focus and concentration. Because of this, many choose to smoke Strawberry Banana during the day when their brain is most active. You may find that school and work become more enjoyable and functional under the influence of this strain. Yes, it’s possible to feel relaxed and focused at the same time. A perfect combo for going about your day.

The only thing better than a strawberry banana smoothie is Strawberry Banana marijuana seeds. Fruit-lovers go crazy over this strain with its delicious strawberry inhale and banana exhale. Growers can expect oversized buds that come in fluffy, popcorn-like shaped with neon green and orange coloring. Needless to say, this strain is both a pleasure for the eyes and nose. The only downside to oversized buds is their likelihood of growing mold if not stored properly. Don’t leave Strawberry Banana bud lying around for too long.

Description: Strawberry Banana provides that perfect balance of focus and relaxation. The indica-dominant strain motivates you to get your work done while calming your nerves.

This strain is an indica wonder. Strawberry Banana Fem has thick, durable branches to support its stocky foliage. This plant is a substantial yielder and a cheerful plant to develop inside and or outside. This fun-loving strain will dazzle, and it is deserving of important nursery space. Its feminized weed seeds from I49 will develop into females that produce potent buds. This high-potency marijuana, traditionally known as sinsemilla, meaning seedless will take the guesswork out of your grow op.

Strawberry Banana Fem strain seeds are anything but difficult to develop making them a commendable choice for cultivating. The variation gives quality yields even if you are not a master gardener. More than equipped for withstanding typical novice botches, this benevolent strain guarantees great odds for a hefty yield. Imagine opening up a bag of buds that smell like summer in the middle of winter! Kick the winter blues to the curb with this potent mood elevator!

Take an imaginary trip through the jungle when you open up a stash box filled with buds grown from Strawberry Banana Fem strain seeds. This delectable strain with its tropical flavor profile will have you salivating with just one whiff. Like its parent Strawberry, a phenotype of Bubblegum, it has the pleasantness of berry and the gritty trace of its developed soil. With its other parent, Banana Kush, a plantain aroma is thrown in along with a smooth buzz.


This dynamic strain normally contains 17% to 23% THC strength. It tipped the scales back in 2018 with a stunning 32% THC reading following a legitimate lab test. Whatever level the psychoactive content is, one thing that is certain is the quality of Strawberry Banana Fem strain. Many have utilized this intense strain for the pleasure it brings and its ability to produce happy peaceful effects. It is well-loved by recreational and medicinal users for its wondrous powers.

Planting blunders by novice growers are common but this strain will take it all in stride. It develops well in a wide range of frameworks inside or out. To make the most out of the endeavor, be certain to cultivate in a semi-humid environment with a hygrometer reading of 40 to 50% RH level.