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starting marijuana seeds in rockwool

If you put more than one seed in your cube (just in case one didn’t make it), than you probably have several seeds sprouting up in each cube at the end of

Check out this method in action:

Step 2: Plant Your Seeds

Peat plugs are an organic option, and sometimes contain a small starter nutrient charge which helps young seedlings after germination.

Check out this method in action:

Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple.

Sometimes seeds struggle to become established when sown in compact and hard soils. However, they establish themselves quickly and easily within Rockwool cubes. The young roots easily pass through the gaps between the fibres.

Hydroponic growers often start things off with clones to speed up the growing process. Many soil growers use this method as well. Fortunately, cuttings root extremely well in Rockwool cubes. Use the technique below to get a head start.

Cons of Rockwool for Growing Cannabis

The inception of mineral wool came about when observers at a volcano watched strong winds whip lava into woolly fibres.

Once your seedling looks ready for a new home, you’ll find it incredibly easy to move it directly into a pot full of soil or a hydroponic net pot. Unlike transplanting from soil, you don’t need to break apart the initial growing medium or deal with any mess. Simply pick up the cube and slot it into its destination.

Rockwool cubes are naturally alkaline. Because cannabis plants prefer slightly acidic soil, growers have to stabilise the pH of their cubes before sowing seeds (you’ll find out how to do this below).