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starting marijuana seeds in rapid rooters

In terms of water, is it best to go with something from this list with a pH of 7?

I did try to germinate some black bamboo seeds in Jiffy pellets once, and everything failed. I might have watered too much, or waited too long to plant the seeds and they might have dried out. Maybe it’s also due to the Jiffy pellets sucking. I want 100% success with my expensive cannabis seeds.


Also, I read that for the tray, you fill it 1/4″ deep with water, which seems like a lot for only 4 plugs. I don’t want to mess up the process. I’m planning to put the rest in a zip-lock bag, and store them. I have a personal mister I can use to mist the tops too to keep things moist, but I think I read some say that’s unnecessary.

When I place the clone in the hole I carefully tear a piece of the rooter off from around the rim and stuff it in as a shim to support the clone and eliminate air from getting to the new root zone.

i use root riot which i reckon is the same thing.
i mix a litre of water with tarantula and piranha benificial fungi and bacteria.
then plonk my RR cubes in the mix squash them all down, then they fill up with the liquid.
i squash them a few times then take them out one at a time squeezing out nearly all the moisture.

Try to let the seedlings break free if possible. But if you have a seedling that’s stuck in a shell after a day or two, and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, you need to go in and help.

5.) Water the seedling in the Rapid Rooter until you see a root come out bottom, 1-2 days.

If seeds sprout, but then stop growing…

2.) Prepare Your Soil or Coco Containers

If you have a root that is curved or bent, don’t try to straighten it out. Open the Rapid Rooter and lay the germinated seed down gently. It will naturally lay on its flattest side. When you slowly close the Rapid Rooter, the bent parts of the root will end up in the “crack” of the Rapid Rooter that you cut to split it open from the side.

Don’t touch the shell if possible because a tiny tug in the wrong direction can pull the seedling out of the plug and break off the taproot.

Here are those seedlings about 2 days later. Be extra careful when removing the paper towels. Don’t let the seeds roll around or you won’t know which is which. This is when you’ll be glad you used cheap paper towels, as they are much easier to peel off without disturbing your seedlings.

Seeds often germinate at different rates even if they get the exact same conditions